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Gasoline Queen, Cicero, Killer Smile @ Wasteland, Gavle (SWE)

in Friday, 20 March 2009 at Wasteland
by Erika Wallberg

You'll never be prophets in your home town, it's said but it sure as hell, that friends and family help to create a great event. This evening, it was a release-party for GASOLINE QUEEN's new single Gas For The Underclass but first to something completely different.

Well, not at all that different musically. KILLER SMILE from Stockholm opened this event and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by their music. They played catchy classic 80's Hard Rock with good melodies and a really nice attitude. Until I tried to document the whole thing that is! I don't think I've ever seen a band with lower self esteem. They literally jumped as far away from the camera as they possibly could, normal for bands like this is to try and show off every pose at the same time. The instinct told me to go up there and shake them and tell them to rock. But if they get that sorted out this can be really good. KILLER SMILE has potential, no doubts. They're far better musically than many others in the genre but if you won't remember the band in the end of the evening you won't go and see them next time. Come on guys, build some confidence and attitude so the show will match the music.

One thing that can annoy me to the level that I can't enjoy the music is when there's either too much or too little distortion. CICERO qualified for the latter and frankly, I don't see the greatness in Garage Rock. But that is my taste and don't have anything to do with the band. I decided to hang out in the bar to boost for GASOLINE QUEEN but found myself tapping along to the music. CICERO wasn't bad at all, some songs were really nice, HELLACOPTERS stylish rock with a touch of Grunge at its best. Still, this was nothing for me, so it's hard to judge if their performance was good or bad. I lacked a little sweat and filth but perhaps it's hard to bring that on when the frontline is as sparse as it was while they played. The crowd in Gavle was very hard to get started it seems, neither KILLER SMILE nor CICERO managed to get them to move.

A little later, just after enough beers to be ready to rock GASOLINE QUEEN hit the stage and there's one thing I can't get about this style. Bands with some originality and real talent seem to be scary for the business. It is really a sacrilege that bands like CRAZY LIXX and CRASH DIET are pushed in the media as hard as they can and GASOLINE QUEEN have to struggle against the stream. Now this type of music isn't my all-time favorite but GASOLINE QUEEN really appeal to me and I dare to say they're one of the absolute best in the genre. They have it all, good songs, a great attitude and are extremely fun to watch. Even if the stage at Wasteland didn't allow much movement GASOLINE QUEEN did all to amuse and they really managed to get that stage boiling. Sure, to reach the crowd and sort of hang out is easy but to do some real movements that both looks cool and brought even more life to the performance is something rarely seen at Wasteland. They are an unusual package in the genre and I can't think of anything I want to change, all to do now is just to watch them grow. A lot of the things around this type of bands belong to image and attitude but GASOLINE QUEEN has a lot more, they are over all high-class.  Over all, it was a really successful release party but next time they need to hire someone to deal with the merchandise. Most people are shopping after the gig and then it's not such a bright idea to have the T-shirts neatly packed behind a pile of equipment in the dressing room.

(photos by gasoline Erika)




Ticket Price: 8€


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