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LAMB OF GOD / Decapitated / Huntress @ 02 Academy, Birmingham, England

LAMB OF GOD / Decapitated / Huntress
in Friday, 17 January 2014 at 02 Academy
by Emily Coulter

Legendary Groove Metallers LAMB OF GOD are on the 10th date of their UK tour with HUNTRESS and DECAPITATED. The ''Resolution'' tour is LAMB OF GOD's first UK tour since Randy Blythe's trial but it's certainly not held them back in their energetic performances.

Opening band are HUNTRESS playing tracks from their latest album ''Starbound Beast'', bringing an enchanting stage performance accompanied by roaring solos.Vocalist Jill Janus's stage presence appeared fun and classic for the members of the audience who admire the band or those that have never listened to them beforehand. Her voice is loud and so easily recognizable that it's hard to compare to any other vocalist. Lead guitarist Blake Meahl is on par with Jill Janus, head banging to each solo he performed with the other members of following along. An amazing show no doubt of a true force in Metal.

Next band on the stage are DECAPITATED which are highly anticipated by the audience, getting them even rowdier when they play PANTERA's ''Walk'' in sound check. DECAPITATED are loud and heavy playing songs such as ''Day 69'', ''Carnival Is Forever'' and ''Sphere's Of Madness'' which all had mosh pit's going constantly. Technical means are not a bad thing of course, as long as it is smooth and charging like what they presented there that night.

By this point the crowd are ready for LAMB OF GOD but no one can prepare for the sure heaviness that these guys play, the setlist is one which pleases old and new fans with ''Ghost Walking'', ''Now You've Got Something To Die For'', ''Walk With Me In Hell'' and ''Omerta''. Despite the loss of guitarist of Mark Morton on the tour due to family issues, the band still sound's as good with Paul Waggoner of THE BURIED AND ME which still manages to amaze all of the fans. LAMB OF GOD finish the concert after a roaring encore with fan favourites ''Laid To Rest'', ''Redneck'', ''Vigil'' and ''Black Label”.

1. Desolation
2. Ghost Walking
3. Walk with Me in Hell
4. Hourglass
5. Set to Fail Now
6. You've Got Something to Die For
7. The Undertow
8. Omerta
9. Ruin
10. In Your Words
11. Vigil
12. Laid to Rest
13. Redneck
14. Black Label

The overall mix of bands was truly amazing with a good balance of the lighter and heavier side of metal, all putting on a blast of a show. Crowds were just as wilds as the bands and the mosh pits are some of the roughest you could end up in. If you're after a dream line up with a night fuelled of adrenaline then this tour is for you.

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