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Leaves' Eyes, Diablus In Musica, Metaprism @ The Talking Heads, Southampton (UK)

LEAVES' EYES, Diablus In Musica, Metaprism
in Tuesday, 3 November 2015 at The Talking Heads
by Lotty Whittingham

The Talking Heads situated in Southampton is very well known for its diverse showcasing of the best national and international talents from across the beautiful colourful yet sometimes dark and powerful musical umbrella. Tuesday night played host to some of the best Metal from across Europe;  Norwegian/German Symphonic Folk Metal outfit LEAVES’ EYES were the headliners and they brought forth equally powerful support from Spanish Symphonic Goth Metal piece DIABLUS IN MUSICA and home grown Progressive Melodic METAPRISM.

Bearing in mind the event hadn’t sold out in advance it was great to see a hefty handful of punters coming down early in the night to check out the local talent.  The local talent to check out were Bournemouth/Poole based METAPRISM; it’s no secret they are making a grand impact across South Of England’s Metal scene. METAPRISM’s highly energetic; passion infused and united performance gained an incredibly attentive crowd that hung onto their every word, riff, beat and death growl. The queues for their merchandise and autographs were exceptionally busy. Tuesday night definitely proved to be a victory for local music.

Spanish group DIABLUS IN MUSICA were next to take to the stage; this year has really exposed this incredibly talented outfit to the UK, their first show in the UK proved to us they can bring an epic fantasy vibe to a small venue.  If this powerful set doesn’t ensure a return to the UK then there is no knowing what will, this set of talented musicianship and dominant melodies that brought together a focused audience of supporters that are sure to welcome them back to their hometown again. Emphasises included “Hidden Reality”, “Inner Force” and “Eternal Breeze” where the exhilarating vocal work from Zuberoa Aznárez especially the higher notes that were heard perfectly. The perfect main support to get the crowds ready for headliners LEAVES’ EYES.

Norwegian/German outfit LEAVES’ EYES have slowly been gaining recognition for their historic infused music provided by dominant riffs, strong beats and beautiful vocal work from one of Metal’s greatest vocalists Liv Kristine.  From the word go it seemed clearly evident that LEAVES’ EYES had the crowds eating out of the palms of their hands; opening with opening instrumental “Sweven” and “Halvdan The Black” proved to be the perfect openers that set up the exhilarating atmosphere that the fans were expecting. Their setlist gave us an eclectic selection of music; from the sweeping classic “Into Your Light” to the new Folk Metal party anthem “Swords In Rock” there was something for everyone in this beautiful performance. Especially with the Viking encore in the song “Blazing Water”; what is this Viking encore you ask? Well be sure to pop down and watch their set before their tour finishes and find out.  Don’t want to give anything away now.

The night was an exhilarating one from the word go; this really showcased of some truly inspiring metal that will make you want to head onto a grand quest. It was great to see the venue packed keeping the metal scene alive and kicking.


Halvdan The Black
Sacred Vow
Farewell Proud Men
The Waking Eye
Symphony Of The Night
Edge Of Steel
Into Your Light
My Destiny
Swords In Rock
Hell To The Heavens
King Of Kings


Encore 2
Blazing Waters
Mot Fjerene Land

*Photography by Tomasz Wrobel

For the full gallery click here.

Ticket Price: £13


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