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Slipknot, Suicidal Tendencies, SiKth @ First Direct Arena, Leeds (UK)

SLIPKNOT / Suicidal Tendencies / SiKth
in Sunday, 14 February 2016 at First Direct Arena
by Emily Coulter

SLIPKNOT will never slow down on it's manic touring schedule, they are easily one of the biggest hard working bands around and their music has proved the way. Tonight they play the First Direct Arena in Leeds, the last UK date of the tour to super ecstatic fans with a setlist that will please people who've been following the band since the early days. Supporting the band is crossover thrash group SUICIDAL TENDANCIES and newly reformed SIKTH which is very different to last years support bands. In the crowd you see a mix of new fans and the ones in Boiler suits, fans of SLIPKNOT are die hard ones.

Opening the stage is reunited SIKTH which have the most exciting stage presence you have seen for a very long time, the set consists of old school favourites ''Hold My Finger'' and ''Pussyfoot'' and new tracks like ''Philistine Philosophies'' which got the crowd pumped for the rest of the night.
Vocalist Mikee Goodman is running around the stage like a madman whilst screaming at the crowd to get them excited and it is a proven way to get them all warmed up.
SIKTh have not calmed down since their early days despite their hiatus but they still gain fans and adored by the old ones too.

1. Hold My Finger
2. Pussyfoot
3. Part Of The Friction
4. Skies Of The Millenium Night
5. Philistine Philosophies
6. Bland Street Bloom
Next up to a slightly fuller arena crowd is crossover thrasher's SUICIDAL TENDANCIES which have Leeds Arena shouting ST! Enthusiastically.
Mike Muir still has the energy that he always has, the man never ever stops moving around the stage and neither does the band, this is a genre and band that never dies. Bassist Michael Morgan is one of the bounciest bassists to watch as he pounces all over the stage without missing a note.
The setlist is something to not be missed, comprised of tracks such as ''You Can't Bring Me Down'', classic ''Instituitionalized'', ''Cyco Vision'' which all had the crowd bouncing and cheering.
SUICIDAL TENDANCIES are certainly proving that the Californian band are growing stronger with every performance despite being the oldest band on the lineup.

1. You Can't Bring Me Down
2. Instituitionalized
3. Possesed To Skate
4. Subliminal
5. I Saw Your Mommy
6. Cyco Vision
7. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
8. Pledge Your Alliegance

After a short interval the band we've all been waiting for hits the stage with a stage set up to envy the biggest of rock acts. SLIPKNOT enter the stage following an eerie entrance video by jumping in with  ''The Negative One'' from the newest release followed by older track ''Disasterpiece'' which had the early fans jumping from their seats.
Masked vocalist COREY TAYLOR is claiming his throne as one of the most entertaining performers in metal especially with his vocals in ''Eyeless'' and ''Psychosocial'' it seems this man gets better and better through every album.
New drummer Jay Weinberg has fitted in the band nicely and the fan base seem to love him to, despite his talents being tested in the older music he proves all doubters wrong.
Tonight's setlist is mostly dedicated to the anniversary of ''Iowa'' one of the heavier albums from the bands discography with songs ''I Am Hated'', ''Left Behind'' and ''Everything Ends''.
The night is full of energy and more, it's no wonder the show has sold so well with the crowd going crazy each time a new song begins, SLIPKNOT are a band that have proven they are at the top of their game and always will be.

1. The Negative One
2. Disasterpiece
3. Eyeless
4. Skeptic
5. I Am Hated
6. Killpop
7. Dead Memories
8. Everything Ends
9. Psychosocial
10. Wait And Bleed
11. Duality
12. The Devil In I
13. Metabolic
14. (sic)
15. Surfacing
16. Left Behind
17. Spit It Out

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