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Sodom & Divine Chaos @ Underworld, London, UK

SODOM / Divine Chaos
in Friday, 20 February 2015 at Underworld
by Mike Coyle

On February twentieth I may my way down to London's Camden Underworld to where I would watch one of Germany's titans of thrash SODOM, along with them came support from the UK's own DIVINE CHAOS. To say the least it was a show which spanned the bands entire carrier along with new songs off of their recently released EP "Sacred Warpath".

To start the show off we have the UK's own DIVINE CHAOS, a band with enough energy that it literally filled the room with fans going nuts with excitement and beer fueled aggression. Now to be fare I had never really heard much of these guys until the show, but I can safely say they are a band to look out for if you are looking for speed, power and aggressive guitar and bass riffs. Now from first sight they look like Thrashers, but by sound they have a nice mix of Death Metal rolling around as well as Thrash which equals one hell of a show. These guys know how to give it their all and the fans certainly will agree as for a small venue you can basically imagine what madness would have been started about in the endless storm of the pit. All in all DIVINE CHAOS show they have what it takes to tear down a venue one brick at a time so I would definitely suggest these guys for fans of Death and Thrash Metal.

So we now come to the big finale ladies and gentlemen, one of Germany's heaviest hitters the mighty SODOM!!. From the very start we could all see that big black cloud of doom hovering over, preparing the fans for what would be war and what a grand war it would be. SODOM's setlist consisted of many of their well know songs spanning over their carrier as well as newer tracks from the recently released "Sacred Warpath" EP which as expected gained fan approval with a vicious turn within the pit. Watching SODOM again for me as a fan was a blast from the past as I had not seen the Thrash titans since my very first time at Bloodstock in two thousand and nine which of course brought back some awesome memories. Being caught in the crowd I could feel the energy pouring off of every person there, flowing faster with each fall and every rise, but what you see is a pact of brotherhood in these shows, when you fall you will always rise and to SODOM's music it becomes something much much more, deeper than anything but more passionate then all. Sodom brought with them a battalion of classic heavy hitters to which brought the Underworld to it its knees, being there though at that moment and watching this band do what they do best is just an eye opener to what more they are capable of.

1. My Final Bullet
2. Sodomy and Lust
3. Stigmatized
4. Surfin' Bird
(The Trashmen cover)
5. The Saw Is the Law
6. Christ Passion
7. Blasphemer
8. Agent Orange
9. City of God
10. Sacred Warpath
11. Iron Fist (Motörhead cover)
12. Fuck the Police
13. An Eye for an Eye
14. Tired and Red
15. Bombenhagel

Promoter: Factory Music
Ticket Price: 20 GBP


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