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Sonata Arctica @ Teatro El Dorado Ecci, Bogota, Colombia

in Friday, 8 March 2013 at Teatro El Dorado Ecci
by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio

From the beginning I must say: this is a dream come true, just because I have been a fan of SONATA ARCTICA since I was 13, so being part of the first time they come to my country, is something that will remain in my memory for the rest of my life.

The place was “Teatro ECCI”, a theater recently renew (not for this occasion, but for many more to come I hope),  the place was big, chairs in the part of behind, a lot of space to move and to perfect fit in the crowd, the sound was spectacular, two sides of it, and fully complemented by a console in the middle, that if I may say, was very efficient in order to make a good sound around the place and for the whole concert.

The low point of the night, and it was just before beginning: the lateness to open the doors, I was almost 5 hours on the line, without moving an inch, just because the organizer wanted to put his set of selling things, and I’m not saying he has no right of doing that, BUT DO IT FASTER YOU MORON, next time please.

With no band before them (fortunately), the show began without further notice, the lights went down, my heart wanted to go out, and my knees started to shiver as the first notes of the intro were played in the enclosure, and then Tommy portion was behind the drums, and I did not see him comingJ, then Elias, Marco, Hennka and Tony took on the stage, the people started to jump in a magnificent moment in time, I was speechless, just looking to a dream, then I shook my head and started to realize this was real, very real for me.

“Only The broken Hearts Make You Beautiful” was the first song of the night, I started to sing along all the lines, while jumping and putting my horn-hands in the air for them, I was making a childhood dream in that exact moment, and as I always believed, dreams come true someday, somehow.

Then “Black Sheep” was played without pause, making memories of that great “Silence” piece, the first album I bought from them, no tears, just heart and emotion. Then the themes were falling like leaves in the night, making each and every note something that will remain in the heart of all the fans that were present that night, new themes like “I have a right” “Alone in heaven” and “The Day2 were among them, but they did not forget that being the first time in the city, we always wanted the classic ones, so “The Gun”, “Paid in Full” and “Broken” were played, sang and screamed by the entire attendance, as we expected.

The climax of the night came when a song we did not expected was performed, desired by everyone, but we have still not asked for it, is like they have read our minds, and decided to give us what we want without asking: “Tallulah” was sang by me, all the people, and even some tears came out with this song, a very special moment, followed by the nothing-more-than-perfect song for the time “Fullmoon”, what a night to this point.

As if that was not enough, the lights went down, Tony and Elias took a sit, and the first notes of “Replica” sounded for the joy of us, of course screamed and sang and all the things made in a concert right?

For the end of the night “Don’t say a word” was the last one, followed by a petition: VODKA, WE NEED SOME VODKA, but I believe that my mind and my heart were at peace at that moment, no need of anything else, no encore, no more songs, just a satisfied soul for watching the “childhood heroes” for the first time, the respective salute for them, his jokes, his talent, his feeling put in every song will always remain in my mind, thanks to SONATA ARCTICA, for making a dream come true, and for giving one hell of a show, and after I was alone walking home I could only think of one thing: I DID HAVE A RIGHT FOR THIS!!!

1. Intro (Wildfire, Part III – Wildfire Town, Population 0)
2. Only the Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
3. Black Sheep
4. Alone In Heaven
5. Shitload of Money
6. The Gun
7. The Day
8. I Have a Right
9. The Last Amazing Grays
10. Paid in Full (Preceded by Elias Guitar Solo)
11. Losing My Insanity
12. Broken
13. Tallulah
14. FullMoon  (Preceded by Henkka Keyboard Solo)
15. Replica
16. Cinderblox
17. Don't Say a Word (with Vodka Outro)

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