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Bloodstock Open Air 2018 @ Catton Hall & Park, Walton-On-Trent, UK

JUDAS PRIEST / GOJIRA / NIGHTWISH / Emperor / Cannibal Corpse / At The Gates / Kamelot / Alestorm / Devildriver / Suicidal Tendencies / Combichrist / Mr. Big / Bloodbath / Venom Inc. / Jasta / Wednesday 13 / Septicflesh / Fozzy / Memoriam / Orden Ogan / Amaranthe / Onslaught / Power Trip / Evergrey / Feed The Rhino / Nailed To Obscurity / Monument / Doro / Orphaned Land /Watain / Bleed From Within / Exhorder / Pallbearer / Lovebites / Ingested /With The Dead / Act of Defiance / De Profundis / Voyager /Mantar / Reprisal / A Forest Of Stars / Demonic Resurrection / Sodomized Cadaver / Vola / Underside /Godthrymm / Conjurer / Sangre / Fahran / Dead Label / Alien Weaponry / Mortishead / Weight of the Tide / King Leviathan / Deity's Muse / Limb / Uncured / Forgotten Remains / Doomsday Outlaw / King Bison / Earthbound / SRD / Trivax / Luna's Call / Servers / Body Harvest / Psychotype / Sellsword / Sertraline / Valafar / Skybrudd / Underdark / Aonia / Dead Before Mourning / A Ritual Spirit / Equinox / Barbarian Hermit / Seven Hells / Oracle / This Place Hell / Kinasis / 13 / Obzidian / Pelugion / Negative Thought Process / Ethyrfield / Vulgore / Ashborn / Crawlblind / Democratus / Cadence Noir / Drudge / Garshkott / Kilonova / Autocracy / Turbyne / The Brood / Imminent Annihilation / The Heretic Order / Voodoo Sioux / Gemma Fox / Kamikaze Test Pilots / Luke Appleton / Abduction / Untamed / Sinocence / True Believer / Callus / Alpha Omega / Def Goldblum / Damaged Reich / Cranial Seperation / Dawn Of Anubis / Season of the Witch / Spires / Peter Holland / Gator Bait / Pop-Up Puppet Cinema / Kapsel / Metalhead / Brule / Rekovered / Ten Foot Wizard / Arkona / Bloodshot Dawn / Skiltron / Fire Red Empress / Hundred Year Old Man / Vital Idol
in Friday, 10 August 2018 at Catton Hall & Park
by Emily Coulter

Walking into Bloodstock Festival on the Saturday you would probably think you had walked into an inflatables festival with the amount of ducks, space hoppers and whales flying around the arena. Today's acts are POWER TRIP, CONJURER, COMBICHRIST and many more over 4 stages with GOJIRA headlining in the evening.

Combining a chaotic mix of hardcore and thrash, POWER TRIP bring the riffs to the main stage on Saturday morning. Already with a huge crowd, pits are being riled up by growly vocalist Riley Gale who commands the crowd to mosh into a pit sandwich. The crowd goes nuts for ''Divine Apprehension'' and ''Executioners Tax (Swing Of The Axe)'' with guitarists Blake Ibanez and Nick Stewart giving solo's and chords the heavy treatment.
Even if you haven't checked these out before, you're guaranteed to be searching through their discography after the show and booking tickets to their next tour.

Easily one of the most talked about bands of 2018, CONJURER bring the show to Bloodstock.
The Sophie Lancaster stage is rammed full and for good reason, playing tracks from their latest release ''Mire'' the band are fully set to wow the audience with their sound being a healthy mixture of hardcore, doom and death metal mixed into a perfect sound. It's hard to put into words how mind blowing CONJURER are a band you truly need to witness in person to understand.
COMBICHRIST was always one of those bookings for the festival which would be a hit or miss, but thankfully the industrial metalheads brought the party to the festival. By the first song of the set, drummer Joe Letz is throwing so many drum sticks into the crowds it's becoming a low key health and safety issue. The crowd goes absolute wild for band classics ''Get Your Body Beat'', ''Maggots At The Party''  and ''What The Fuck Is Wrong With You''. Every member of COMBICHRIST brings something special to the bands performance, from vocalist Andy LaPlegua running all over the stage to guitarist Eric 13 posing at all times with his guitar. COMBICHRIST isn't just a show, it's an experience.
A crowd with more inflatables than a beach on bank holiday weekend, it's obvious ALESTORM have arrived at the festival for the first time in over 10 years. Kicking the set off with ''Keelhauled'' which has the crowd louder than the band, the party has officially started with crowd surfers and space hoppers being thrown around the arena. This is not a set for the weak hearted pirates, playing songs from all aspects of their musical history they have every kind of fan covered. ''The Sunk'n Norweigan'', ''Hangover'', ''Drink'' get everyone watching the set singing along even if they've never heard the band before. Despite ''Captain Morgan's Revenge'' being interrupted many times due to inflatable ducks getting in the way of security, ALESTORM didn't let it get in the way of them playing to one of their biggest crowds to date.
The rain is pouring down and the crowd is swarming with a mix of fans in Hawaiian t-shirts, meaning it's only time for legendary death metallers CANNIBAL CORPSE. Returning to a worthy sub-headline slot, the band are set to wow, with hordes of dedicated fans lined up at the barrier headbanging to every song. The set list comprises of tracks to please the fans with ''Red Before Black'', ''Evisceration Plague'', ''Scourge Of Iron'' before finishing the killer set with ''Stripped, Raped And Strangled'' and ''Hammer Smashed Face'' which gets everybody moving. Vocalist George ''Corpsegrinder'' Fisher doesn't let the down pour get in the way of his non-stop head banging and dark growling vocals.
A band that have truly worked their way to the top, GOJIRA deserve to finally headline the Ronnie James Dio stage of Bloodstock Festival. Easily the most powerful set of the weekend, the band are playing to prove how hard they've worked to earn that top spot, the set list of fan favourites and tracks from their earliest releases is enough to win anyone over.
The Duplantier brothers are partners in music with a natural talent for grooves and beats, with Christian Andreu and Jean-Michael Labadie joining them to make some of the best heavy metal in music today, the band are simply an unstoppable force. Even though the weekend is not over, GOJIRA are the best band of the weekend with a set that could send shivers down anyone's spine.


Only Pain
The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Flying Whales
The Cell
Terra Inc.
L'enfant Sauvage
The Shooting Star
Toxic Garbage Island
The Gift Of Guilt


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Edited 15 August 2020

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