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Bloodstock Open Air 2015, Catton Hall & Park, Walton-On-Trent, UK

TRIVIUM / SABATON / OVERKILL / IHSAHN / ENSLAVED / BELPHEGOR / ARMORED SAINT / Raging Speedhorn / Nuclear Assault / WITHIN TEMPTATION / OPETH / DEATH DTA / DARK ANGEL / NAPALM DEATH / KORPIKLAANI / 1349 / XERATH / Savage Messiah / ROB ZOMBIE / BLACK LABEL SOCIETY / CANNIBAL CORPSE / ENSIFERUM / Sepultura / Pro-Pain / Orange Goblin / Wolf / Agalloch / ArnoCorps / Red Rum / Desecration / Metaprism / Reign of Fury / DELAIN / Conan / I AM I / Hang the Bastard / Fire Red Empress / Ne Obliviscaris / Re-Animator / Messiah's Kiss / Bast / Oaf / Silas / FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE / Jettblack / Planet of Zeus / Burgerkill / Mordred / Battalion / Godsized / Jasad / Ethereal / Ageless Oblivion / Anihilated / Pist / GODFLESH / ONSLAUGHT / Trepalium / Lawnmower Deth / Destrage / Saille / Ol Drake / Alunah / Villainy / Dead Label / The Izuna Drop / Triaxis / Witch Tripper / City of Thieves / / The Parallax Method / The Mighty Wraith / Winter Storm / Foul Body Autopsy / Hanowar / Morass of Molasses / Knock Out Kaine / Circle Spectre Haunting / Pig Iron / Devine Solace / Hell Puppets / Snowblind / Blind Haze / Endeavour / Big Foot / Killer Hurts / Hexis / Piss Viper / Diatessaron / Blackened Ritual / King Leviathan / Forgotten Remains / Countless Skies / We Are The Catalyst / Mutagenocide / XVII / Kryocell / Loft / Mortishead / Victorian Whore Dogs / Sumer / From Eden to Exile / Akarusa Yami / Bloodyard / Codex Alimentarius / Soulborn / Martyr De Mona / Chaos Trigger / Mastiff / Overoth / Deified / Amethyst / Wretched Toad / Burden of the Noose / Scarred / Left for Red / By Any Means / Taken By The Tide / Animator / Obey / Spirytus / Incipit / Tombstone Crow / Hell's Gazelles / Skarthia
in Thursday, 6 August 2015 at Catton Hall & Park
by Michael Coyle & Emily Coulter

*Photography: Tomasz Wrobel

For the past few years since 2009, which was my first Bloodstock Festival I have been a regular visitor to the fields of Derby and have been supporting the festival ith both my attendance and being a fan of Metal in general, this year I would take part in interviews and reviewing the various different bands that played the four day festival from the Ronnie James Dio stage, to the Sophie Lancaster stage and even to the New Blood Stage where many new bands come from all over to participate as part of the Metal 2 The Masses contests, as well we would even see what the Jager stage would have to offer this year would take this quaint, new setting. So please join me and the Metal Temple team as we take you through this year's Bloodstock Open Air. Read on to the end of the report to find a number of on-site interviews conducted by Michael.

Michael Coyle Reviews:


Through the first day of main stage bands we would see the festival mix bands of almost every variaty together on one stage to bring some of the most memorable and some of the most entertaining of acts of the weekend.


Hailing from Liverpool the Extreme metal outfit KRYOCELL bring with them a performance that is unmatched by the rest of the new blood stage in terms of extreme brutality and stage presence beyond anything. As this was my first time I came to realise that the band was host to an old friend of mine, a Mr Richard Hale on bass, when watching these guys bring it I was amazed by how tight of a sound they had and ideas to which were beyond anything I had seen in a long time. Trust me when I say that if you're looking for the perfect formula to rid yourself of a bad day then these are the guys to help any day of the week.


Since their grand return the band have made it their mission to play every major Metal festival in Europe; some of these of course include such legendary festivals as Helfest and Wacken where I was lucky enough to catch them both times, but wat was it tat made this set different and some what special, well simple really, we saw the band return to Englsih soil with a set of hard hitting classics. Not only for older fans, bringing nostalgia, but would invite younger and eager fans to join in and have a great time, the band of course did not dissapoint one bit bringing their best to Bloodstock.


Since last catching this band at the Manchester MARDUK performance I can safely say that nothing has changed as the band still know how to bring an intense and strong performance that is certainly unforgetable. As always the band brought their usual stage show which includes severed goats heads on the front of the stage mixed with the ambient and still nature of the band'ss powerful stage presence; this mixed with an aggressive and terrifying nature comes together to create a stage show like no other, both filled with classics and newer material; BELPHEGOR brought everything they had and then some.


Some fans over the years have scattered since the bands change from Black Metal to Progressive but still there are those who find the band's Progressive nature to be more extreme, as the band still have a full force of songs and ideas that work to create an incredible set of tracks. Through their set we would see the band take the initiative of playing a newer set rather then an older which for me, as a Prog fan, is beautiful to see. I would say though that through the festival there were quite a lot of people who wanted an older set of songs, but as they say you cannot pease everyone, yet you can please the fans that still believe in what you have, and what ENSLAVED have is a catalogue of incredible new tunes which I feel are heavier, if not better, then the older class.


After performing with EMPEROR as a part of the “In The Nightside Eclipse” shows IHSAHN returns with his solo band bringing heavy and Progressive tunes that bring together the best parts of his career. Having already seen IHSAHN perform Bloodstock it was a welcome return to say the least and a show that celebrated the essential solo material that has shown the Metal world just what this man can do when the EMPEROR armour is off. To say that this was the best I have seen him would be an under statement, to say that IHSAHN has in fact progressed as a musician since the last I saw him would be a better way of phrasing this Black Metal legend's set of intense and spiritual songs.

It's funny really; when I first saw this band live it was Bloodstock 09, when the band had just started to grab the attention of the Metal community. Now, years later, the band have grown into a household name for many metal fans and have become giants in their own right. It's no wonder; the band bring to every show a massive energy and spirit which, in all honesty, cannot be beaten, since watching them recently at Wacken I can say that they brought their entire stage show and then some, I would have to say that their set was one of the most fun and frenetic of the entire festival and truly brought a lively if not true spirit of brotherhood to the fans, an act that really inspired my friends and I.


One of my local bands and a band that knows how to bring the Doom in its purest form, I would say that every time I have had the chaance to watch these guys they have never really dissapointed and have always brought a great vibe with them, with heavy and full riffs mixed with some brilliant bass lines. P.I.S.T are a band for everyone. To sum up their performance I would have to say an energetic beer fueled machine ready to kick some ass and take names, though I will say for those reading that if you want the full experience of this band then find them on one of their local and intimate shows and then you'll see what I mean.

Another band that I'm very familiar with is ETHEREAL; one of the UK's finest Black Metal bands and some of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, since releasing their debut studio record ETHEREAL have taken each city by storm bringing traditional Black Metal to a new level. From the set's start the band were ready to bring their trade mark energy to the audience witnessing what I feel was one of their best sets to date, since first watching these guys open for 1349 I have been a fan and have always payed close attention to how they do what they do. If anything, for this crowd they were lucky to witness this band at their best, then again I don't think I have ever seen this band at their worst and hope I never have to.

One of my favorite bands and by far a band that has inspired me through the years, since their last visit to Bloodstock, NAPALM DEATH have been busy both touring and releasing their latest record “Apex Predator / Easy Meat”, with what we all saw we were not dissapointed to see the band bring their all to the table and crush the stage with a taste of classic British grind. With any NAPALM DEATH show you will always expect to break something in the pit, it's just the way these things go, and that folks is exactly wat we got, a crowd ready to beat themselves to a bloody pulp and bring out every drop of stress in one go, that is the great thing about their shows you feel better right after.


Having experienced the DTA shows twice in the past I expected one hell of a sho from these guys, and that is exactly what it was, as many of the fans will know the bnd have been busy celebrating the anniversary of the bands “Symbolic” record and as such have been playing mainly that very record plus fan favorites from across the band carrier. With the band's Bloodstock set there were some changes which were not really a massive problem for fans as there were, from the looks of it, fans who had never had the chance to see the band perform which for the younger generation is an incredible experience. The band's set was by far one of the more memorable in my opinion as they brought everything they had with them blood body and soul which for DEATH is what you expect every time.

Ol Drake:
A man whose talents are endless to say the least, from the man whom “Entered the Grave” and “Infected the Nations” with his incredible guitar work comes a stage show so full of energy and randomness. From the very start you see two guys in green morph suits wearing rakes come on stage doing their thing, followed by the man himself, Mr. Ol Drake. From the very start Ol brings his technical mantra to the front stage show casing some of his new material found on his recently released solo record. From that moment I feel that people started to recognise him live as an individual musician who can play Thrash for sure, but has these incredible talents that blow people away. For me it was brilliant to see these ideas being played on a live stage in front of fans that have followed his carrier over the years nd I feel that the best is yet to come for this man of many talents.

A band which is a household name within the Death Metal community and a band which has remained as fast and brutal as the day they first started. CANNIBAL CORPSE whom first made their Bloodstock debut in 2010 return to Catton Hall with a vengeance. With this set the band brings with them their traditional dose of aggressive and bone-shattering (literally) tones and stage presence which has helped mould this band as one of the mainstays within the genre. Though what makes this set so different to the last? Simply the fans of course; since 2010 where the main man himself George Corpsegrinder Fisher brought four pits into one the fans have wanted nothing more than to re create that magical moment and make their fellow fan suffer! It can be said that this time around the crowd became a whole massive pit of chaos and destruction brought together as one. The band's set featured many fan favorites such as “I Cum Blood” and “A Skull Full of Maggots”, but when all is said and done whenever “Hammer Smashed Face” comes on you know what to expect, in every way shape and fomr though Cannibal have never sounded better and this to me was a testament to that very fact.


Fronted by a man who needs no introduction, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY brings to Bloodstock a set of hard hitting riffs and incredible stage presence mixed with that old fasioned lord of the riff attitude. Through their career BLACK LABEL SOCIETY have brought fans an idea as to what a bad ass is on stage both by the strengh of his riffs and the majesty of his beard, Zakk Wylde to this day still brings it hard and doesn't stop for no one, showing the derbyshire crowd just how to help close the festival as special guests to Rob Zombie. I found their set to be strong and massiive with all the bells and whistles that you expect from these guys; I feel that with how the day turned out with the sun setting at tat right moment you could feel this really awesome energy flowing through the crowd which in the end went straight back to the band with full force.

Emily Coulter



To say that it was the band's first time at the heavy metal festival and first time headlining they pulled off a spectacular show. Opening the set by playing new track ''Silence In The Snow'' followed by fan favourites such as ''Down From The Sky'', ''Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr'', ''Built To Fall'' and a new track ''Blind Leading The Blind'' which went down great with the crowd. Matt Heafy's vocals are better than ever and drummer Mat Madiro seems to be fitting in well on stage with the band, it's certain that there is a bright future ahead for the American heavy metal band. TRIVIUM finished the set by playing ''In Waves'' which had the crowd going mental for 5 minutes, making the set one of the best of the festival.



Playing Bloodstock for the first time since it was an indoor festival, WITHIN TEMPTATION have received a welcome return. Playing a mix of songs such as ''And We Run'', ''What Have You Done'', ''Edge Of The World'', ''Mother Earth'' and ''Dangerous'' made fans old and new exceptionally happy. Sharon Den Adel still has ferocious vocals that make her one of the true queens of symphonic rock. Though the set did have many technical issues, WITHIN TEMPTATION proved that they didnt let it get them down and carried on with the night and getting the crowds singing along.



Following their mind blowing performance at Bloodstock in 2012 the crowd were ecstatic for the legendary SEPULTURA. Derrick Green and the rest of the band got the crowd hyped up from their seats with songs like '''Arise'', ''Propaganda'' and fan classic ''Roots Bloody Roots'' which had the hot pits going with headbanging metal heads. The band also played new track ''Sepultura Under My Skin'' which had fans nervous at first but they loved it after the first chorus. SEPULTURA have a live energy that can't be matched, this is a band to watch even if you've never listened to them before or been a fan since the beginning.


It was impossible to find people who weren't excited for the king of horror's set, Rob Zombie and co blew away bloodstock with hits and covers that the fans adored. The set started off with ''Teenage Nosferatu Pussy'' followed by the likes of ''Superbeast'', ''Living Dead Girl'', ''More Human Than Human'' and WHITE ZOMBIE classic ''Thunder Kiss 65'' with Rob prancing around the stage with electricity, guitarist John 5 was blaring out riff and solo's constantly throughout the 1hr 45 set. Nothing could close the festival better than ROB ZOMBIE, it was a well deserved slot that could not have been better.

To conclude: the weekend was by far an event for all ages, literally all ages of new and old fan that share a love for a singular music type and a passion for bands that they have stuck with through and through. To say that this has been one of the funnest Bloodstocks I have been to would be an insult; nay this was by far one of the greatest years for the festival and for what we have seen so far. For the year to come we will expect big things for 2016; until then…

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