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Dark Troll Festival 2017 Preview

Absu, Balfor, Belenos, Bucovina, Countless Skies, Enisum, Eïs, Ferndal, Hate, Jörmungand, Knaat, Lagerstein, Manegarm, Minas Morgul, Nargaroth, Raventale, Suidakra, The Committee, Thorondir, Vargrimm, Vike Tare, Waldschrat, Waldtraene, Wolfchant, Wolfheart
in Thursday, 25 May 2017 at Burgruine Schweinsburg
by Erika Kuenstler

Living in Germany, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to Metal festivals. With festivals happening year round, there are dozens to choose from, ranging all the way from world famous festivals like Wacken Open Air through to Summer Breeze Open Air. But in my experience, it's the little festivals that are the most worthwhile: the real gems are the little ones that are tucked away, with small and cozy atmospheres and friendly people. Last year, Metal Temple had the pleasure of checking out Dark Troll Festival for the first time, and what a festival that turned out to be. By far my personal favourite of last year's festivals, Dark Troll is a completely stunning festival that should be an absolute must-see for all Metal fans, particularly if you're into more Pagan and Black Metal music. Set in a picturesque background, featuring both small and large bands of an exceptional calibre, and with amiable and fantastic staff, this festival was top-notch experience, and if anything, this year promises to be even better.
One of the first aspects that sets this festival apart from others is its location. Passing rolling hills blanketed in fields of blazing yellow flowers, a small track winds up a hill near a remote village in Germany, with apple orchards slowly giving way to verdant forests interspersed with glades speckled with blooms. And it in these lush woods we find the ruins of an old castle. Completely enclosed by a wide wall, the renovated inner courtyard gives a sheltered niche overlooked by a stage built into the remnants of what was once possibly a bell-tower. A towering spire looms majestically over all, giving stunning vantage points not just of the stage, but also a panoramic view the surrounding countryside. Encamped at the foot of this tower is a small group of re-enactors, their simplistic lifestyle from bygone centuries lending an authentic medieval air to all. And it is in this stunning setting that Dark Troll Festival takes place each year, featuring a slew of Pagan, Folk, and Black Metal bands.
This year's lineup is no exception, with the festival having completely sold out several weeks ago; a clear testament to the quality and growing popularity of Dark Troll Festival. With Thursday being a public holiday, the three-day festival kicks off with a fantastic offering, featuring bands such as EÏS, THE COMMITTEE, and WOLFHEART as headliners for the day. Amongst other great bands, some other highlights of the day include the Australian Pirate Metal band LAGERSTEIN, and what would the festival be without WALDTRAENE to start things off? Friday will showcase more phenomenal bands; one that is particularly not to be missed is NARGAROTH. After a long haitus, these masters of the German Black Metal scene are back with a fantastic new album “Era of Threnody”, and are an absolute must-see. WOLFCHANT are also always worth watching, reliably delivering an energy-packed performance that stands out with all its catchy vitality. And for the really trve Black Metal fans among you, be sure to check out ABSU, a rare treat. And last but not least, Saturday also features a host of noteworthy bands. Top shelf acts such as MINAS MORGUL, SUIDAKRA, and MANEGARM will be headlining this day, guaranteeing an unforgettable evening. And closing off the festival is ENISUM, an Italian Black Metal/Ambient band who plays all to seldom. With the release of their excellent album “Seasons of Desolation”, this is another show that should not be skipped.
In short, if you've had enough of thronging masses found at larger festivals, and are looking for a small, intimate, and well-organised festival, with awesome music and friendly people, look no further than Dark Troll Festival. It provides a welcome alternative to the more commercialized festivals available, making for an intimate weekend in the forest, surrounded by like-minded metalheads and a fantastic lineup of excellent bands. What better way to spend your long weekend?

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