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Destruction, Artillery, Vulcano, Circle Of Infinity, Comando Nuclear @ Mirage Club, Limeira, Brazil

DESTRUCTION / Artillery / Vulcano / Circle Of Infinity / Comando Nuclear
in Saturday, 29 November 2014 at Mirage Club
by Paulo Maniaco

Once again Limeira was ready to hold another edition of the C.O.I. MetalFest, this second edition was very special indeed, on the menu the mighty DESTRUCTION were in charge of opening the Fest; they were the headliners and unusually for this Fest the headliner were the ones to open and no one was complaining about that.


It was an amazing night, headbangers from all over the place turned up for this Festival, people came from other states of Brazil to cheer up for their heroes, 1000 maniacs made the trip to Limeira, outside the venue a long queue took place, everyone was wearing black and leather, the stench of Metal filled the air, it was an amazing sight to see.

DESTRUCTION were playing their second gig in Brazil, the first one was in Sao Paulo city, so the band arrived in Limeira in a very good mood, Schmier, Michael and Vaaver were ready for the butchery and so was the crowd. At 8:30pm they took to the stage and it was a "Total Desaster"  I mean what an awesome stuff to see, the crowd was going insane, DESTRUCTION rules!!!

Full house, a mad house and DESTRUCTION was in control, "Thrash Till Death" madness took over, lots of headbangers doing surf crowding, and the moshpit was opened, great stuff, Schmier spoke to the crowd and let them know what was going on at all times, very charismatic and cool; Vaaver on the drums needs no comments, he kicked asses indeed, and Michael on the guitar always doing what he does best, delivering killer riffs and solos.
The fans were "Nailed To The Cross" and they did enjoy that, with style, the "Mad Butcher" was out on the loose this night and Schimier was on the controls.

I have met Schmier  in 2000 in Holland and he was very nice and cool there, he even introduced a friend of his to me,  Ventor from KREATOR, that was awesome, and here in Limeira he was no different, very friendly and very cool, unfortunately not all fans can have a little time with him, they have to understand that, so many fans, so that would be impossible and very stressful to attend them all, yet Schmier always does his best anyway to keep everyone happy.
Yet again DESTRUCTION have put another great performance, and the level of professionalism and dedication that this band have it is out of this world. We hope to see you back here in Limeira with PANZER, it is gonna be killer!! The show was closed with him striking back, the Butcher of course. Awesome stuff from DESTRUCTION.  Vielen Herzlichen Danke!!!
1. Intro
2. Total Desaster
3. Thrash Till Death
4. Nailed To The Cross
5. Mad Butcher
6. Armageddonizer
7. Black Death
8. Eternal Ban
9. Life Without Sense
10. Spiritual Genicide
11. Intro 2
12. Release From Agony
13. Carnivore
14. Hate Is My Fuel
15. Thrash Attack
16. Drum Solo
17. Tormentor
18. Invincible Force
19. Antichrist
20. Bestial Invasion
21. Curse The Gods
22. The Butcher Strikes Back

Next on the bill was COMANDO NUCLEAR, a Speed Metal band from Sao Paulo, these guys got together in 2004 and their music is sang in Portuguese, having been influenced by DESTRUCTION, RUNNING WILD, EXCITER these guys are about thrashing and partying.
This was their second time in Limeira and just like the first time they put a very good performance yet again.

Their set begun with "Unidos Pelo Metal" and the crowd did get the message, Ron's vocals were sharp as ever and the fans were singing along, Rex and Eric on the guitars were delivering sharp razor riffs and great solos; as for Rodrigo on the bass he was keeping up with Hugo on the drums, very cool band indeed with an unique style. "Comando Nuclear" and "Princesa Infernal" brought the roof down, it was a fucking good performance by COMANDO NUCLEAR, these guys are no joke.

1.Unidos Pelo Metal (United By Metal)
2. Comando Nuclear (Nuclear Command)
3. Princesa Infernal (Hellish Princess)
4. Guerreiros Da Noite (Warriors Of The Night)
5. Cacada Mortal Aos Falsos (Mortal Hunting For The False Ones)
6. Ritual Satanico (Satanic Ritual)
7. Resistir (To Withstand)
8. Vinganca Metal (Metal's Vengeance)

Well well, the show must go on and to carry on with the butchery of local heroes; CIRCLE OF INFINITY had the task to do it, born from the ashes of band called MASSACRE,  formed in the 80s and having only one remaining member from that era,  Edson Moraes, now leader of CIRCLE OF INFINITY and after all these  years Edson has become more mature and wiser as well; skillful too, anyways they come forth with a very aggressive style and preserving that old school style, Thrash Death at its best.
Joining Edson is Allan Farias on lead guitars, Matheus Paiva on the bass and Alexandre "Holy" Bento on the drums, their set was based on their forthcoming album entitled "Moments Of Evil" coming out soon. Many of the  people in the crowd had not seen these guys performing before and they were anxious about it, when Edson "Big foot" Moraes  appeared on the stage with his guitar and greeting the crowd with that scary voice of his all hell broke loose!!
"Intro" followed by "Cycle Of Therapy" it was a cool stuff, the stage filled with smoke and the red lights  gave an amazing site really, I think the crowd did need this Therapy for sure, after that all become "Dark Souls" a great song with lots of variation, great technique and amazing skills by all of them, Holy Bento was hitting those skins like a maniac, the fans were enjoying it and they were in ecstasy when Edson said they wanted to play something different, a song that have been long forgotten by many but not by them, "Black Magic" from one of the best albums ever, by SLAYER of course, the crowd went berserk.
A very good performance by CIRCLE OF INFINITY, on the last song of the night Big Foot was thanking all the fans who had turned up for the Fest and also telling them that the last song was made for them, made for us Headbangers, we are an unique kind, smarter and stronger than all, "Headbanger", great stuff indeed!!

1. Intro
2. Cycle Of Therapy
3. Dark Souls
4. Black Magic
5. Moments If Evil
6. Take My Mind, take My Fear
7. We Are The Puppets
8. Wake Up And Fight
9. Headbanger

Now it was time for VULCANO, an old school band from Santos on the Brazilian coast. VULCANO have been around since the 80s also, I remember when I used to see them live back in the days, very cool band with a long history playing some cool Death/Black/Thrash.
For those who don't know them these guys have already released ten full length albums:

"Bloody Vengeance" 1986, "Anthropophagy" 1987,"Who Are The True" 1988, "Ratrace" 1990, "Tales From The Black Book" 2004, "Anthropophagy + Devil On My Roof" 2005, "Five Skulls And One Chalice" 2009, "Drowning In Blood" 2011, "The Man The Key The Beast" 2013 and "Wholly Wicked" 2014. If you don't know VULCANO, check them out, they kick asses!!!
From the original line up only Zhema Rodero remains on guitars, in addition to lead singer Luiz Carlos Lousada, Arthur Von Barbarian on the drums and Ivan Pellicciotti on the bass, there you have this amazing Brazilian Metal band, one of the few survivors from the old days.
Their set begun with "Satanic Legions" a prelude to armageddon, the fans really like VULCANO and some of them were seeing them for the first time. When Lousada announced "Witches Sabbath" people went crazy, an old classic being revived, right there in our faces!! VULCANO were and still are one of the greatest bands in Brazil, a band that fought against all the odds and against all, now they can enjoy their victory, actually they had just arrived from a very successful tour in Europe, well deserved indeed.
And tonight they showed us what they are about, very cool people, very down to earth and very humble too. After a very good set they closed it with "Legioes Satanicas"(Final), and so be it…
1. Satanic Legions (Intro)
2. Witches Sabbath
3. Dominios Of Death
4. The Signals
5. Prisoner From Beyond
6. Fallen Angel
7. Awash In Blood
8. Death Metal
9. Ready To explore
10. The Evil Always Returns
11. Bloody Vengeance
12. Gates Of iron
13. Total Destruicao (Total Destruction)
14. Guerreiros De Sata (Warriors Of Satan)
15. Legioes Satanicas (Final)

So the C.O.I. Metalfest was coming to an end and the honours to close down the curtains were given to Danish legends ARTILLERY, that's right, Denmark has the reputation of having brought  to the plate some amazing Metal bands and ARTILLERY is one of their finest, these guys have been kicking asses since 1982.
They arrived in Limeira from a very successful tour in North America and notwithstanding the long flight they had to endure to get to Limeira they were in very good moods indeed, actually I have never met any Danish who weren't in good mood, very cool people, warm hearted and very friendly.
Last band of the night and the crowd was ready for ARTILLERY and they were well rewarded indeed, "Chill My Bones" from their last album "Legions" gave the fans an idea of what was coming, Michael Dahl does an incredible job on vocals filling the shoes of his predecessors, "When Death Comes" Mr Stutzer  is there doing what he does best, delivering some killer riffs, a trade mark by ARTILLERY. I had a chat with him before the concert and asked him why his brother wasn't in this tour, he said that Morten had some health issues and because of that he could not make the tour, We wish  him a quick recovery and all the best. "By Inheritance" is another classic, Rune Gangelhof is doing a very good job in replacing Morten, very skillful indeed, cool fella.
I just can't believe one of my favourite bands right here in my town, it is just too good to be true, and in eight days time I am going to see them again at the Zoombie Ritual Fest, lucky me!! ARTILLERY closed the C.O.I. Metalfest with golden keys, "The Almighty"  a great performance by this awesome Danish band, Michael Dahl, Michael Stutzer, Rune Gangelhof, Peter Thorslund and Josua Madsen, thank you very much for a great show!!!
Hope in the near future you are able to play the old classics as well from "Shell Shock" and "Deeds Of Darkness".
Tak Mange Tak!!!

1. Chill My Bones
2. When Death Comes
3. Legions
4. By Inheritance
5. The Challenge
6. Deeds Of Darkness
7. 10.000 Devils
8. Khomaniac
9. Terror Squad
10. The Almighty

Excellent fest it was, congratulations to Edson Moraes for have organized a great fest, around 1000 people turned up and everything went smoothly, watch out for the C.O.I. Metalfest III in 2015!!!

Ticket Price: 120 R


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