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Metal Inc Festival @ Rio Rock & Blues Bar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

SYREN / Statik Majik / Dreadnox
in Sunday, 18 January 2015 at Rio Rock & Blues Bar, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia

After Christmas and New Year, here in Rio de Janeiro, in the end of a very hot day, was time for the first great event of 2015: Metal Inc, a festival done by the bands themselves, showing the power that old and good “do it yourself” still got.

The first version of Metal Inc festival showed three good names from Metal scene of Rio de Janeiro: the quartet DREADNOX promoting the new album, “The Hero Inside”; the power trio STATIK MAJIK in one more show for the promotion of “Wrath of Mind”, and the quartet SYREN releasing their new album, “Motordevil”.

The first band to enter the stage was DREADNOX, with their modern and traditional Heavy Metal.
Seeing them alive give us the clear idea that what they play on their album is the same thing they play alive. And it is very good. No effects, nothing more than vocals, guitars, bass and drums, and lots of pure energy coming from the stage. Fábio Schneider is a very good frontman, singing very well, with good attitude and communication with public; Kiko Dittert (guitars) and Dead Montana (bass) have good technique alive and very good attitude, and Felipe Curi (drums) is a monster, playing his kit with a heavy grasp.
Their setlist was entirely based on “The Hero Inside” songs, as “Final Siege”, the excellent “The Hero Inside” and “Dreamcatcher” (and as they played the song, the images of the official video appeared on two monitor screens at each side of the stage), but as well they played versions for METALLICA’s “Blackened” and SEPULTURA’s “Refuse/Resist”.
Dread had come!

1. Final Siege
2. Miracle
3. Abuse of Power
4. Blackened
5. Dreamcatcher
6. The Hero Inside
7. Nomophobia
8. Refuse/Resist

After some times for preparation of the equipment, STATIK MAJIK came and unleashed a perfect show!
Yes, Thiago Velasquez (bass, vocals) and Leonardo Cintra (guitars) shows great attitude on stage, with very high spirits and making funny jokes, as our dear friend, the veteran drummer Luiz “Carlinhos” Carlos plays with weight in his hands and feet. And their mix between Stoner Rock/Metal and classic Hard Rock works perfectly.
They played songs from their two albums, “Stoned on Musik” and “Wrath of Mind”, like the excellent “God in the Mirror”, their hit “Drowning in Despair” and “Shadow of Hope”, along with a new song, “Path of Redemption”, and version for ALICE IN CHAINS’ “Man in the Box”, and when they played “War Pigs” (I think I don’t need to name from whose band this song is, do I?), the public became insane, singing and screaming with them.
Be Majik!


1. God in the Mirror
2. Between 4 Walls
3. Drowning in Despair
4. Reality
5. Man in the Box
6. Remembrance
7. Path to Redemption
8. Paradox of Self-Existence
9. Shadows of Hope
10. War Pigs
11. Utopia Sunrise

After some preparations, was time for the final band, SYREN, to come and close the event with golden key, releasing their second album, “Motordevil”.

After “Heavy Metal”, their first CD, the band became a quartet, and now they’re playing the same traditional Heavy Metal, but in a more direct and aggressive format. And for this show, they had a little help from their friend, the guest guitarist Carlos Losch, due Guilherme (the former guitarist) left the band just a few days before the show.
And Carlos didn’t seem to be there for few days, for he played perfectly, along with Maurício Martins (bass guitar) and Júlio Martins (drums), the heavy brothers from rhythmic basis. But I purposely left Luiz Syren, the vocalist and the only founding member left, for the last, just to say one thing: he is perfect on stage, and one of the best Heavy Metal vocalists from Brazil, with good attitude, great communication with the public and a perfect and wonderful voice.
Another perfect show, with a setlist with songs of their first album, as “The End”, and the greater part from “Motordevil”, as “Eyes” and “You Gonna Die”. But they played as well a version for IRON MAIDEN’s “Ghost of Navigator”, having Kiko from DREADNOX on guitars and Rod Rossi, who shared the vocals with Luiz. And on their last song, “Die in Paradise” (the name of the band’s beer, released some months ago), some girls from Anna Bia Pole Dance Group entered the stage to make some sensual dance. Pure art has no obscenity, mind you all.
Hear the SYREN screaming!!!!

1. Intro
2. Rebellion
3. Eyes
4. My Shadow, my Dear Friend
5. The End
6. You Gonna Die
7. Ghost of Navigator
8. Blindfold
10. Devilroad
11. Die in Paradise

Metal Inc Festival had good results and a good public, with all bands with sound quality in very good level, and now, there’s the promise for a second edition soon, due the success of the first one.

Promoter: Syren
Ticket Price: 35.00 R


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