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THROWDOWN FEST @ The Hairy Dog, Derby, England, UK

BOUND BY EXILE / Shot Down Stay Down / Virtues / Taken By The Tide / Revelations / Opposition / The Day Will Come / Beyond Hurt / Betray Your King / Last Day Of May / Foul Body Autopsy
in Sunday, 17 November 2013 at The Hairy Dog
by Emily Coulter

Hopefully the first of many to come THROWDOWN FEST opens up the doors at 3pm at The Hairy Dog in Derby, playing host to a mix of Hardcore and Metal.

BETRAY YOUR KING open the all day festival off with hard hitting riffs and Hardcore vocals, though only starting off with a small crowd they still managed to get them excited for the rest of the day. The band are obviously set for big things within the UK's rising Hardcore scene putting together a mix of classic and new wave Hardcore into a brand new mix.

LAST DAY OF MAY are a swift change from the previous Hardcore band, bringing in melodic riffs with hard vocals from Tyler Jeffrey it brings in something new but still enjoyed by the audience.

Throwdown Fest has brought in one of the finest Death Metal acts around. The one man Death Metal act FOUL BODY AUTOPSY shocks everyone with how Heavy Metal can get. Fast solos and deep vocals show how talented Tom Reynolds is with create astonishing Death Metal, writing all the parts his self. A small crowd at first but later a larger crowd emerged and had everyone head banging to his riffs.

Though technical difficulties occurred at the beginning, THE DAY WILL COME came out strong with a super energetic stage show. All members of the band were bouncing around the stage and certainly got the crowd going with them, the vocals are deep, heavy and loud combined with even heavier breakdowns. This is a UK band worth watching out for; THE DAY WILL COME could easily be the next CHELSEA GRIN.

BEYOND HURT are on the heaviest side of the Hardcore spectrum, fitting in with the likes of TRASH TALK for how energetic they are on stage. The crowd were obviously excited with them for as soon as they began playing members of the audience were spin kicking and flipping around the venue. OPPOSITION are a lot calmer than the previous rough edged Hardcore band but are melodic Hardcore at its finest. The band managed to get the crowd going in every corner of the room and showed pure energy on stage.

The all-day fest came back with heavy Hardcore from Chesterfield's REVELATIONS. The 5 piece had everything what a good Hardcore band needed: raw energy, angry lyrics and a bunch of people throwing down in the pit.

TAKEN BY THE TIDE were hit by a mixed response but by the end of their short set they had everyone head banging away to their MESHUGGAH-esque Math Metal riff style. The progressive metal band from Nottingham had an obvious fan base following within the crowd and certainly won ever the Hardcore fans stood at the back of the venue.

VIRTUES were slightly disappointing from a crowd perspective. Though great vocals and melody, the crowd didn't really react till the end. Maybe the crowd were tired after hitting the pits all day or maybe it was the technical difficulties at the start but sadly they didn't hit the mark.

SHOT DOWN STAY DOWN could easily be the next SUICIDE SILENCE. They got the crowd warmed up the most out of every band playing the festival. Playing songs such as ''The Riddler's Last Riddle''. The band constantly jumped around the stage, having the most energy of any band I have ever seen live. If SHOT DOWN STAY DOWN do not get big within the next two years then I will surely be surprised and will be a huge mistake to miss out on. The band hailing from York are the perfect mix of Deathcore and Death Metal and are a band to truly watch out for.

BOUND BY EXILE headline the gig, though most of the crowd have left due to it being 11 o clock at night on a Sunday they still managed to get everyone slam dancing along to their hard hitting riffs. The band are getting places this year, playing with bands such as BLACK TONGUE and ACRANIA also playing Bloodstock Open Air Festival. The bands are a soundtrack to any Metalhead's life.

Throwdown Fest was a great mix of Hardcore and Death Metal and will surely be great if put on for 2014. 

Ticket Price: 4GBP


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