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ABOUT: BLANK: "Anthology of a Cave" Release Date.

Added 09 October 2019, 11:23 AM

Italian rock progressive combo about:blank are proud to announce that their new album "Anthology of a Cave" will be out on 18/10/2019 via Too Loud Records. The album has been mixed and mastered by Riccardo Daga at Titans Lab Studios (Ferrara, Italy)


01- Giants
02- Birds
03- Orpheo
04- Before It Was Done
05- Ro-both
06- Autoimmune Disease
07- Mirror Mountain
08- The Cave
09- The Unnecessary
10- A place For Time
11- One More (feat. Damn City, Prospective)

This album is the beginning of a road that brings us to experiment a new sound, new subjects and a new genre trying to create consistency with these features of the music. "Anthology of a cave" will be a psycological album having as main subject human being. Album will be a metaphorical journey outside and then inside human being in which "the cave" is the main metaphor, in fact the cave represents human soul within which concept's protagonist will descend only after having travelled around a world made by fairy tales, each of which will try to  tell something about human.

Protagonst will go through stories made by giants, robots, Gods and magic, fighting with human's cruelty, greed and dullness and finally searching for an answer or a solution for these insane behaviours inside himself. Inside himself protagonist will find out a new world, a world full of contraddictions that is just glimpsed in the last concept full song "the unnecessary" but that, for now, will not bring to any answer. It will bring insted to new questions , new quests and the possibility of a new journey for which the protagonist will be ready only after having rest.

"A place for time" represents the end of the concept and coincide with this resting phase in order to be ready for the new journey with renewed strenght.

Album ends with "one more" song which is not part of the concept, like a sort of "B" side, and is a song made with the help of many artists but first friends. It is a song that musically breaks with the rest of the album, as it is not a real part of the concept, and in order to match with various music styles of the artists featuring in it.

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