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ACHERONTAS: reveal title, details of next W.T.C. album

Added 10 October 2014, 9:39 PM

Today, Greek black metal vanguard Acherontas reveal the title for their upcoming album as Ma Ion - Formulas of Reptilian Unification. The album - Acherontas' fifth full-length to date - will be released by W.T.C. Productions during the early part of 2015, and follows the band's critically acclaimed Amenti - Ψαλμοί Αίματος και Αστρικά Οράματα, released by W.T.C. during May 2013.

A statement from Acherontas reads as thus: "The Typhonian tradition is reflected upon our upcoming Grand Working bearing the name Ma Ion - Formulas of Reptilian Unification. All recordings finished. Now the album is in the hands of Abgrund Studio in Germany for mix and mastering. Our coven is honored by great artists and individuals. We are proud to have among us and feast at her salted waters: TT (Abigor), AR-Ra'd al-Iblis (Nightbringer), Nebiros (Ofermod/Malign), Indra (Naermataron/Tatir), Edgar Kerval (Emme Ya), and Jhon Longshaw (Black Seas of Infinity). With this new opus, we reached new fields of creation, musically and spiritually. Our mission was to create a path to rise the subconscious of the Mortal upon other planes of existence. To dream in ecstasy, to feast in orgy, and to rise the potential of the Mortal to feel behind the skin of matter…for these are not just words, but shells that form in flesh and blood."

Cover art and tracklisting, as well as exact release date, shall be revealed in time. W.T.C. will be releasing Acherontas' Ma Ion - Formulas of Reptilian Unification in the following editions: a special limited handmade A5 edition by Primeval Visions (a lodge of individuals behind Halo Manash, Arktau Eos, and other magical acts of ritualistic ambient who uphold the banner of Aural Hypnox Records), which comes with serpent skin and special meditative incense; a gatefold double-LP vinyl version, with booklet including all the philosophical expressions behind the album; a regular CD version; and of course, a tape version as loyalty to the underground art. Special limited merchandise shall be available imminently in the former of zipper hoodies, regular hoodies, and t-shirts.


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