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APPLAUD THE IMPALER: Release Video "Enigmatic Infection."

Added 09 March 2019, 3:37 PM

Virginia Beach death-grinders APPLAUD THE IMPALER have premiered a disorienting and gruesome music video for their savage new song "Enigmatic Infection".

The track is from their long awaited debut full length Ov Apocalypse Incarnate which was recorded by MiAH Lajeunesse (Whitechapel, Aegaeon) and features twelve tracks of unrelentingly vicious and blistering audible violence. APPLAUD THE IMPALER are set to batter their way into the extreme metal world in 2019.

Watch the video HERE.

Physical pre-order bundles for Ov Apocalypse Incarnate are available HERE:

Digital pre-order bundles HERE:

Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, death-grind outfit APPLAUD THE IMPALER has resurfaced and established auditory domination with their distinctive ferocious speed, monolithic heaviness, and monstrous grooves.

Assembled in 2008, APPLAUD THE IMPALER set out to embark on a journey of unique musical destruction by combining utter brutality with unbridled creativity. The band's decision to remain glued to it’s diversde roots created a diverse sound unparalleled amongst their peers. APPLAUD THE IMPALERwere able to fuse death metal and deathcore with a hint of grind to allow their music to position itself into a rare category of it’s own, and cement a redoubtable nature. The group then emerged through an ambivalent era of new heavy music appropriated with heavily biaed opinions - the all out war of “Death Metal vs. Deathcore.” The band was left splashing against the rim of a self-created cocktail of accepted recognition, equivocal opinions, and absolute repudiation. It was then, in 2010 that Erik Lindmark contacted APPLAUD THE IMPALER to sign with Unique Leader Records who released the group's first EP Anthropopagi in 2010.

The journey on Unique Leader had begun and APPLAUD THE IMPALER started their imprint across the country with forthright devastation on several tours including a stint on the label's own yearly tour, Bloodletting North America 9, featuring Gorod. Some time later, the band finished writing for their debut album and ventured to Knoxville, Tennessee to record at The Sound Lair with MiAH Lajeunesse (Whitechapel, Aegeaon, etc.).

After completion of the new album recordings, APPLAUD THE IMPALER had no choice but to go on a temporary hiatus due to internal personal issues which set the release. Lindmark and Unique Leader remained supportive of the band until they were ready to resume their course. In the second half of 2018, after some member changes, APPLAUD THE IMPALER cranked back up and got the wheels spinning on releasing their new album.

Remaining a fearsome weapon in the Unique Leader arsenal and featuring savage, ruthless, and merciless new music APPLAUD THE IMPALER find themselves once again on the battle ground sided with some of the most extreme bands in the world today. The release of their new music will see to it that Unique Leader has added a devastating sonic weapon to their roster.

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