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BLOODY TIMES: Announce "Alliance" Single.

Added 08 November 2018, 11:33 AM

You may have never heard of a metal band called BLOODY TIMES - until now. Since their first official release in 2016, many things have changed and the project is growing faster than ever. Back then, "Bloody Times" was a solo project featuring only one guest and supporter, Raphael Saini (Ex-Iced Earth) on drums. This time, many talented musicians have worked together to deliver the best possible metal experience.

"Alliance" is the name of the first single from the upcoming album "On A Mission". Special guest of the song is the legendary Manowar co-founder Ross Friedman, also known as "Ross the Boss". Together with Joey DeMaio he formed the band in 1980 after they met at a Black Sabbath show in England - they were introduced to each other by no one other than Ronnie James Dio.

Ross recorded six studio albums with Manowar and left the band after "Kings of Metal" in 1988. Now, exactly thirty years later he supports the true metal act Bloody Times with his rhythms and solo guitar recordings. Honored by the contribution of the "King of Metal", project-founder Simon Pfundstein played his hands bloody on his 8-String bass to fulfill the highest expectations.

While the song “Alliance” starts very softly and calm, after about a minute the hard and heavy sound kicks in. Again, Raphael Saini is supporting the act with his pounding drums. A short while into the song, John Greely starts his performance with an impressive heavy metal scream. He is proving once again the wide range of his vocal spectrum like he did many years ago with Iced Earth during the memorable "Night of the Stormrider" era. High tunes or low tunes, hard or soft, John Greely can do them all. Today, better than ever, he sings for his own band Seventh Servant and is the main singer of Bloody Times since 2017.

Simon talks about the result of the new recordings: "It's still quite unbelievable what great talents I have now united in Bloody Times, especially John Greely and Ross the Boss. They are some of my personal favorites and heroes. It's a great feeling to have them playing on the songs, which are in my opinion truly great! Stay tuned for more, it will be worth it!"

Bloody Times - "Alliance" preview video link (featuring Ross The Boss):

The single is exclusively available for pre-order / registration on CD (limited edition, including two bonus tracks). A digital release has not been announced yet - this possibly makes it even more "old school".

Bloody Times - "Alliance" single pre-order purchase link:

In 2014 the name "Bloody Times" was first used for a collection of recorded riffs and demos by bassist Simon Pfundstein, who is therefore known as the founder of Bloody Times. Unlike a classic band formation, Bloody Times slowly evolved out of a solo project. What was created as a hobby led to the production of the first album two years later. "The Fire of Immortality" was released as debut album in November 2016. On this album, Simon was supported by former Iced Earth drummer Raphael Saini. All other instruments were recorded by Simon.

In the following year, two of the existing songs were re-recorded with John Greely from Seventh Servant. Since the release he has been the main singer of Bloody Times. John is known for his performance on the album "Night of the Stormrider", which he recorded together with Iced Earth.

Work on a second album began in late 2017 with John on vocals and Simon on bass. While Raphael is also on drums in this production, different guests were on guitar. Five different guitarists contributed their skills and were also partly involved in the songwriting process, which was otherwise mainly done by bassist Simon. The passion for music and metal unites all the members and guests of the project.

A special guest and supporter of the resulting album "On A Mission" is Ross Friedman (Ross the Boss), who founded the heavy metal band "Manowar" together with Joey DeMaio in 1980. Since his retirement from Manowar, Ross has been working on his own albums and projects, but his fans adore him most of all for his contribution to the "immortal" albums from Battle Hymns to Kings of Metal.

Inspired by the mentioned metal giants and other heavy metal classics, a fantastic album has been created. It strongly reminds of "Old School Metal" and makes you want to hear more impressive songs, which Bloody Times will surely also release in the future…

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