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BREATHE ATLANTIS: Announce new album!

Added 14 January 2022, 9:56 PM

German metalcore whiz kids BREATHE ATLANTIS announce their already eagerly awaited album »Overdrive«, available on March 18th, closing the circle of their metamorphosis into one of the hottest national acts in hard'n'heavy.
»Overdrive« is more than just an ordinary album for the quartet. It also means an arrival, because BREATHE ATLANTIS already proved with their furiously celebrated single releases, that they have musically and visually matured into a solid unit.
Watch 'Changes' feat. Nico Sallach (Eskimo CallboyNOW

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"Overdrive has become a turning point for us, which we all needed. On the record we process our past, in which we were often frustrated and depressed due to external circumstances and we felt limited and constricted by expectations or external ideas. On this album we just did what we felt like doing and wrote and shouted everything from the soul. This is our most honest and emotional album we've written so far and I think it will speak to a lot of people," explains singer Nico Schiesewitz.

With Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day) the Esseners got a big player in the German metal scene as a producer. With his experience, he brought the true musical capability of BREATHE ATLANTIS to the surface, wrapped in a modern and aggressive sound, adorned with an incomparable and raw aesthetic that has recognition value.

"Musically, we just went the way that felt best for us. There were only two choices left: Start over or admit the end of that path. We are here to express our feelings through music and deliver the most honest and meaningful art. It just felt right for us to aim for a darker and heavier sound than ever before, this ongoing pandemic was of course fuel to the fire."

"I won’t come back until you accept who I am now
I can’t give up
If you can’t love me who I am right now
I’m better off on my own"

Following their last release »Soulmade«, their new style relies more on big, heavy riffs and driving, powerful drums. Nico Schiesewitz's relentless, bone-sawing shouts make you cringe until the stadium chorus hits you right in the pit of your stomach. BREATHE ATLANTIS have matured like good wine: catchy songs that encourage sing-alongs, brutal mosh parts and refreshingly honest lyrics that don't sugarcoat anything are the product of a 2-year writing and studio phase, with the result that »Overdrive« will be a milestone for BREATHE ATLANTIS.

BREATHE ATLANTIS have gained a lot of experience over the past few years; having played countless shows with big international bands like SUM 41MEMPHIS MAY FIREATTILABURY TOMORROWCROSSFAITH
or SLAVES, plus excessive touring throughout the EU supporting ANY GIVEN DAYTO THE RATS AND WOLVES, IMMINENCE and slots on top German festivals.

»Overdrive« is now available for digital and physical pre-order. due for release on March 18th. For Fans of I PREVAILBRING ME THE HORIZON and ARCHITECTS.

Edited 04 October 2022

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