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BURN THE MANKIND: Guitar Playthrough of "Survive On"

Added 13 January 2017, 4:07 PM

The guitar playthrough video for the song “Survive On”, a bonus track from “To Beyond”,  the debut album from the Brazilian band BURN THE MANKIND released a year ago this past December, is now available on YouTube. Produced in partnership with Brazilian production company Orbit Global Art and From Hellcords Studios, the video presents guitarists Marcos Moura and Rafael Barros demonstrating their technique in what could be called a “Death Metal Workshop”.

According to Marcos:

“We’ve had the idea for a while of making a genera video and showing a bit of how we perform riffs and solos in BURN THE MANKIND. We have an audience that admires us and has been following us since the period when we played with NEPHASTH and they have never had the opportunity to check out the duo in shows, so this was a good time - even more so now that we have completed two decades of partnership.”

Released on December 18, 2015, “To Beyond” is the group’s first album, released in Europe and the US by Danish label Mighty Music and subsequently in Brazil by Cianeto Discos. Talking about the press’s reception of the album, the group states: “Critiques are strange looks and as with other perspectives about your work, most of the time they’re constructive. Other times they can be damaging. After all, whoever sticks his neck out might just get it chopped off. It all plays a part, that’s the fun of it!”

Dom Lawson, in review published in February 2016 in Metal Hammer magazine, concludes the text with the following words:

"In addition to the rare joy of hearing a young death metal band that truly grasp what makes the genre great, “To Beyond” proves that Brazil’s love affair with underground extremity has spawned a terrifying new monster."

Closing the cycle of “To Beyond”, another one opens with the creation of compositions for the new album. Rafael Barros looks excited: “It’s time for us to concentrate on the compositions for “To Beyond’s” successor, since sometime between 2017 and 2018, there will be a new CD! Changes will be welcome and restore the energy that’s vital to carrying on our battle, lots of work and many challenges. Our first tour traveling around Brazil will happen this year!”

Edited 15 July 2020

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