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CADAVER CARNIVORE: To Release "Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm."

Added 17 May 2023, 5:29 PM

Dmitry Krasnopeev may have only first picked up a musical instrument in 2012, aged 18, but his development as a musician over the following decade was remarkable. From his early endeavours playing bass guitar in a local punk band, he has become an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and now pours all his creative talents into the monstrous, atmospheric death metal of Cadaver Carnivore. Adopting the stage name of Necrodaemon he has worked alongside vocalist Andrey ‘Zubr’ Raevskiy to produce a stunning debut album, which brings together the addictive riffing of classic death metal with an enthralling atmosphere that fires the imagination and haunts the soul. With the magnificent Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm, Dmitry ‘Necrodaemon’ Krasnopeev has announced the birth of Cadaver Carnivore in fire, ice, darkness and death!

Shrouded in shadows, the night-stalking sounds of Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm entice and unnerve, chill the blood and devastate with absolute power. Riffs encrusted with the dust of ages are entwined in sinuous melodies and driven through the howling void by drums like ancient thunder. A voice from beyond the black roars out its uncontested might and supremacy, shaking the old, mad gods in their troubled dreams. Grim and glorious songs like ‘Citadel Of The Immortal’ and ‘In Abyss We Fall’ immediately stake their claim for a place in the unhallowed tomes of death metal history, for their names to be inscribed upon the walls of the chapel of ghouls forever. Once you have visited the Darkest Realm you’ll be crawling across its landscape of shattered bones, eager to kneel at the altar of the ‘Dark God’ again and again and again.

On June 1st Devouring Eclipse Of Darkest Realm will be set free to roam the stygian abyss that lies between dream and nightmare; released on physical formats by Heretic Impalement Records and digitally by RUMF Productions. Adorned in warped and wretched imagery, summoned from the insane visions of artist Nestor Povarnin (Ciemra, Derelict, Gosudar), this album is a clamorous clarion call from the netherworlds, heralding the arrival of a new beast to the catacombs of the underground. From beyond world’s end, Cadaver Carnivore is coming!

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