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DAMNATION DEFACED: Lyric-video for "Mark Of Cain"

Added 06 October 2017, 8:25 AM

Soon, Damnation Defaced will unveil their “Invader From Beyond”. After their studio-insight “Invader From Beyond” and their video for “Goddess Of Machines”, they present the lyric-video for “Mark Of Cain”. Their newest visual output was also developed with the help David Hambach. He contributed to the band’s new sound by creating synthetic sound-collages that fit the sci-fi-concept perfectly.

”Invader From Beyond“ was recorded by Hannes Huke in the „Institut fuer Klangforschung“ in Hanover, whereas the mix and master was entrusted to the proven hands of Dan Swanö. With this team, a long-lasting dream came true, since Swanö is not only an institution within the death metal scene. He is also well-known for his progressive sound experiments.

Apostasy Records will release Damnation Defaced’s new album on October 6th, 2017 on CD, vinyl and digital.

01. NIOM: 004D004F0049004E
02. Goddess of Machines
03. Invader From Beyond
04. Mark Of Cain
05. The Observer
06. The Key To Your Voice
07. Rendezvous With Destiny
08. All Comes To Its End
09. Back From Apathy
10. Creator's Fall
11. Embraced By Infinity

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