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DEAD SLEEP: Released "In the Belly of the Beast."

Added 11 June 2019, 6:49 PM

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden’s four piece thrash metal unit Dead Sleep have been around since 2016. Forging their special brand of music in between the chaotic aggression of hardcore punk and the bombast of metal, their sound picks the best from both old and new, falling into a strong tradition of eighties thrash metal while infusing it with a contemporary feel. During 2017-18 Dead Sleep frequented some of the larger festivals (Sweden Rock, Gefle Metal Festival, Malmö Festival) and played gigs in Germany and Denmark. With the debut album In the Belly of the Beast gaining attention, Dead Sleepn is preparing for more live shows, aiming for extensive tours of both Sweden and abroad.


Marcus Bader - Guitar, backing vox
Johan Salo - Guitar, backing vox
Per Olofsson - Drums
Anna Wagner - Bass, main vox

“Right from the start the show was fast, brutaland mean… The band really knew how to takeon a crowd and their intense and fierce music fit the purpose perfectly.”
-, nov 2017

Dead Sleep first official release was the vinyl single Aleppo, released early 2017 on Swedish Denomination Records. The band entered The End studio in September 2017 with engineer Ulf Blomberg, to record their debut album. Five days later their work was done, with Olofsson’s tankerous drumming, Bader’s riffing and Salo’s red-blooded solos providing a backdrop for Wagner’s furious snarls and howls. In the Belly of the Beast features ten tracks of raging energy, addictive hooks and uncompromising lyrics, with Brad Boatright’s precise and crisp mastering providing the finishing touches. The vinyl and cd come with an exclusive bonus track, the title song ”In the Belly of the Beast”, along with local artist Bartosz Nalezinski’s mesmerizing cover art. In the Belly of the Beast got off to a great start - busting in at #2 on the Swedish sales charts for vinyl and hard rock during the first week of release!

”Although Dead Sleep’s debut album is full of smart ideas and imaginative dynamics, it plainly owes a spiritual debt to the politically charged thrash of the 80s, when bands like Sacred Reich and Nuclear Assault noisily decried social injustice and the bloodthirst of the ruling class. As the planet circles the plughole, bands like Dead Sleep are more vital than ever. Theirs is a brutal, exhilarating and life-affirming take on a genre that refuses to die.”
- Metal Hammer, Dec 2018

”There’s a big dose of punk and it’s brimming with energy. The vocals sound both high, raw and poisonous. Each track has its own style and there is variation. Want something new, but still with a familiar sound? Then you should definitely check this out.”
- Rock Tribune, June 2018


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