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Added 02 February 2017, 3:07 PM

Bill Cuckoo Braaaaaaaaaaaains Barnes of Death Metal Bird Song is ready to migrate.  He has called on his flock members to gather to praise and worship nature and the gods of Death Metal. He's released his first album, "Capella Gold," and his death metal brethren are flocking up in Michigan to play a few shows in the thriving metropolis of Stockbridge, Michigan and the surrounding fields and woodlands for his first ever regional tour.  Dubbed the "Death Metal and Birding Across Michigan Lakes and Lawns 2017 Tour," (and there are plenty of lakes in Michigan!), the cuckoo bird seeks total domination of the death metal bird world! (Hatebeek is ok, but their singer has no range).

In order to get there, Bill needs some help.  Bill tends to spend all of his money on death metal tapes (VHS and cassette) and pot.  Sometimes he sells some of his pot, but mostly just smokes it all.  His meth business has all dried up as all his customers are being held in a FEMA camp due to President Donald Trump's draconian measures. So his publicist, Darren Cowan of Shape Shifter PR, an internet wiz, told Bill about this thing called GoFundMe.

The GoFundMe campaign also offers packages:
-Pledge $25 and get a Death Metal Bird Song t-shirt
-Pledge $50 and get a t-shirt and be included on pre-orders for the band's upcoming    DVD featuring their first ever concert.  Signed by Bill and other DMBS flock members.
-Pledge $100 and get all of this plus digital downloads and autographed photos of your favorite death metal band and bird (Cowan has over one million photos).


Bill comments, "Gofuckme fund, what is that?  You mean people will give you money?"

Death Metal Bird Song recently put out its first album, "Capella Gold."  It is a strange marriage of death metal, country, parody and karaoke.  Bill pays ode to Rocky Balboa, Trolling, cannibals, Ed Gein, pot-and-pig raising hillbilly killers, SLAYEEEEER, predators of the ocean's depth, menstrual-lusting vempires, tits, and of course…bird songs.  Make sure to turn up the volume all the way on the intro "Cactus Clinging Caroliner Wrens," to hear one of the most beautiful and diverse voices in the bird kingdom.

Bill comments on recording "Capella Gold":
"All the songs were written by me, sometimes recorded in one take without any pen to paper or computerized mumbo jumbo on Darren's cell phone.  Every song was recorded on Darren's cell phone.  Who needs a studio when you have these new-fangled things called iPhones.  I mean, come on, this is a computer that fits in your hand like five eastern bluebird eggs in a house."

Have your binoculars ready to site more Death Metal Bird Song news in the future. Visit the band's Bandcamp page and Shape Shifter PR's newest Reverb Nation artist page.
Edited 01 October 2020

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