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DEMISED: Sign With WormHoledeath.

Added 19 May 2017, 1:19 PM

We are proud to announce that Demised (Gothic Rock Metal from Spain) have signed a publishing and distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the worldwide release of their album "A Warm Place to Stay".

Signing  Announcement Video:

"A Warm Place to Stay"
1 - Intro
2 - Fractures & ashes
3 - Vastness
4 - From the storm
5 - My dreads, my fears
6 - Where we all belong
7 - Top of the path
8 - Sistrum
9 - A warm place to stay
10- The mournful flight

"A Warm Place to Stay" release dates:
Digital: 16th June 2017 (Wormholedeath/The Orchard)
CD:  22nd September 2017 (Aural Music Group)
USA:  7th July 2017 (Wormholedeath U.S.A.)
Japan: 25th October 2017 (Wormholedeath Japan/DiskUnion)

"Vastness" Official Lyric Video:


Demised is a metal band that wanders among melancholy and strength, trying to pass on the connection with nature, hope, life and death. Formed by vocalist/guitarist Andrés Pestana and drummer Adrián Hidalgo in 1996, the band was born under the influence of death metal, an extreme sound that related the human being’s decay. First release was “Panthalasa” (1998), with only four tracks of pure old school death metal, followed by “Between the Ashes and the Silence” (1999). It wasn't until 2007 that they recorded “Cold”, a more intricate, technical and darker style with vocalist Juan Antonio (Exquisite Pus), vocalist/guitarist Andrés Pestana, drummer Adrián Hidalgo, guitarist Alex Yuste (Hole Of Mankind, O Myserum Mane, Land Of Mordor) and bassist Pedro Asensio (Exquisite Pus), playing live this time with top bands such as Gorefest, Belphegor, Necrophagist, Incantation, Avulsed and many others. Nowadays, its music has turned into a more atmospheric, gloomy and gothic metal with clean voices. The new album "A warm place to stay", now with Paco Porcel (Amalthea, Nahemah, The Holeum) on bass guitar, will see the light of day in 2017 through Wormholedeath Records/Aural Music.

Current line-up:
Andrés Pestana - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards
Adrián Hidalgo - Drums/Keyboards
Alex Yuste - Guitars
Paco Porcel - Bass guitar

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