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DOMINANT: Release New Album "The Summoning."

Added 12 January 2018, 12:45 PM

Leave it to Lacerated Enemy Records to unearth the finest death metal bands and Dominant from Norway, having members of Hideous Deformity, Necrotic Disgorgement, Conjuration and Dauden, are no different. This is the catchiest death metal album I've heard in ages and also relevant at the same time. Listen to their music on Bandcamp HERE.

Genre - Technical Death Metal
Release Date - January 1st, 2018
Record Label - Lacerated Enemy Records (Czech Republic)

Lacerated Enemy Records has followed up its stellar Infestum release with Dominant's jaw-dropping debut, which is everything you'd want in a contemporary death metal album. Featuring members of Hideous Deformity, Necrotic Disgorgement, Conjuration and Dauden, 'The Summoning' is technical as well as brutal and carries the riffing tradition of the death metal greats. The music is fast and lethal and has enough variations to keep you rivetted throughout. This is one of the most remarkable debuts you'll hear, as everything right from the sound to the aesthetics is perfect. The label definitely has a winner in Norway's Dominant.

Line up:

Jimmy Javins - Vocals
Robin Larsen - Guitars
André Bjerring - Bass
Tapir - Drums

Track list:

1. The Purging Swarm
2. Servants of Damnation
3. Vultures of the Void
4. Feast of Woe
5. Vacant Soul Invasion

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