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GODSLAVE: The german thrashers present their new album

Added 24 December 2017, 3:27 AM

War and suffering everywhere! Our world is going down…


Who really wants to read that for the x-th time??

GODSLAVE are fed up and with their new album “Reborn Again”, they deliver a stronghold against the omnipresent negativity and scare-mongering!

A positive attitude is something you consciously decide on and GODSLAVE already made up their minds.

Let others focus on the bad things in life!

GODSLAVE present a fundamentally different concept: a consistently positive message!

Songs like "Full force forward", "Reborn Again", "Unseen Storm" or "Born to Fight" passionately shout out the will to control your own fate and shall inspire others to do so as well.

After ten years of many ups and downs, GODSLAVE virtually made a musically quantum leap with their new lead guitarist, something only a few may have expected. With “Reborn Again”, the five-piece stands up to comparison with the big ones of the genre, with a great self-confidence.

From now on, there is only one direction: Full Force FAST Forward!

News reported by: Jean-François "Thrashing Assault" Briard

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