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HAWK: Release Self-Titled Debut Album.

Added 09 October 2019, 11:05 AM

Sunset Strip 80s metal icons HAWK featuring guitarist Doug Marks, founder and creator of the legendary METAL METHOD mail order / online guitar courses have released their self titled debut album for the first time ever, as part of an extremely limited run of professionally manufactured cds. The album is also being released worldwide via all digital formats. In addition, there are plans for the recording of a brand new 2nd HAWK album during 2020.

Doug Marks has provided the following comments:

After thirty-three years I’m having an album release party! What took me so long? I confess, I’m a procrastinator. Duh.

Actually, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I signed a deal with a distributor, Ryan Northrup, in 2000 to replicate and distribute my album on CD. We had a great first quarter then he decided to not pay me again. Shafted. Aggravating, but there wasn’t enough money from sales to hire an attorney to go after him. So, here we are, nineteen years later. Better late than never!

Why Now?

I’ve been running ads in Facebook to reach Metal Method students from the 80s. The lessons were huge then from monthly, full-page magazine ads that reach as many as 500,000 monthly readers. Plus, the lessons were inexpensive. I sold hundreds of thousands of them. Anyway, the Facebook ads stirred the pot big time.

I’ve begun posting early Metal Method and Hawk stuff on Instagram along with Facebook. If you have time, I would appreciate a follow on both Facebook and Instagram. I’ve had the Instagram account for probably four years and just started posting to it last week. I put up a clip from my first video recorded in 1986 along with other “nostalgia” art – a 1983 magazine ad, and Hawk album art.

I digress. Next week I’ll have a hundred professionally recorded CDs. I decided to do only a hundred to test the waters. So, if you’re interested you can order them from our site. However, you won’t receive them any faster than ordering them on iTunes or from CD baby. The difference is, for the next few days the CD is only available on the Metal Method site.

The Plan

I would like to record an album next year. This album release may show me if there's interest. What I would like you to do is similar to crowdfunding, except you don’t need to send any money. Show interest in the project by putting Hawk in one of your Spotify or Apple Music playlists. Purchase the CD or download from iTunes. You can pre-order the album on our site, but I would prefer you wait a few days and order it from iTunes. The reason is, that is activity that will be registered by Apple. A purchase on my site is appreciated (and more profitable) but I'm wanting to create interest online.

Link to purchase the self titled debut HAWK cd:

Hawk self titled cd tracklist

1. Tell the Truth
2. Fades so Fast
3. Into the Sky
4. Victims
5. Witches Burning
6. Battle Zone
7. The Dream
8. Rules the Night
9. Can’t Fall in Love
10. Perfect Day

Hawk self titled cd recording line-up:

Guitars - Doug Marks (Metal Method founder)
Vocals - David Fefolt (Masi / Angels of Babylon / FireWolfe)
Drums - Matt Sorum (Guns N Roses / Neurotic Outsiders / Velvet Revolver)

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