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HRIZG: Unveils New Line-Up; Begins Work On New Moribund Album

Added 15 December 2014, 7:58 PM

 returns with fresh news. After 10 years alone, Erun Dagoth (AKA Hrizg until now) has summoned three wandering souls to the discipline: Enserune (Enserune, Neverendinghate, ex-Lucifuego) on bass guitar, Kaornekan (ex-Bittencross, ex-Fatal Portrait) on guitar, and Varkhen (ex-Bittencross, ex-Forestdome, ex-Fatal Portrait) on drums.

Individualism - the third album of Hrizg, released this summer by Moribund Records - has set an end to an era. As Erun Dagoth stated, "This album marks an epoch, an unholy trinity with Oaken Path of Grief [2007] and Anthems to Decrepitude [2011]. Now begins another age. I think the music and essence will go to the next level."

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