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HUMAN COMPOST: To Release "Exhumations Of Death And Horror."

Added 07 March 2018, 1:05 PM

Human Compost make their epic return to Horror Pain Gore Death Productions with the vicious new collection entitled Exhumations Of Death And Horror! This compilation is pure Death Grinding Madness from Canada's most wanted, featuring audio that is fully remastered, spanning from 2013 to 2015 which includes the Degradation Of A Virgin Corpse EP, The Cold Flesh EP, Reduced To Human Sludge EP, a 2015 Unreleased Promo and a brand new cover of Impetigo's classic 'Breakfast At the Manchester Morgue' (featuring guest spots by Aaron Whitsell and Kevin Reece of Cropsy Maniac). Also included are cover versions of songs originally recorded from gods such as GG Allin, Autopsy, Mayhem and Possessed.

Exhumations Of Death And Horror is 66 minutes of bone crushing, flesh tearing, blood soaked, gore drenched lunacy that solidifies Human Compost as modern leaders in the Death Metal underground! For fans of Autopsy, Impetigo, Lord Gore, Machetazo and Mortician.

Listen to album track "Decomposed" at:

Pre-order the CD for only $10 with free shipping at

Pre-order the Digital Download for only $6.66 at


Degradation Of A Virgin Corpse
1. Asphixiating On Broken Glass
2. Hacksaw Head Removal
3. Overflowing Pitchers Of Pus
4. Prenatal Punching
5. Decomposed
6. Preteen Sex Machine
7. Vaginal Exsanguination
8. Reduced To Human Sludge
9. Degradation Of A Virgin Corpse

The Cold Flesh
10. The Cold Flesh
11. Fecal Mastication (Diarrhetic Ecstasy)
12. A Shrink Wrapped Corpse
13. Gnawing On The Stump
14. I Kill Everything I Fuck (GG Allin cover)
15. Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay (Autopsy cover)

Reduced To Human Sludge
16. Reduced To Human Sludge
17. Decomposed
18. Cauterize Her Cunt
19. Carnage (Mayhem cover)
20. The Exorcist (Possessed cover)

Unreleased Promo
21. Death And Horror In The Labyrinths Below
22. Mutilate The Innocent

Bonus Track
23. Breakfast At The Manchester Morgue (Impetigo cover)

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