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MANSION: Announces New Album "Second Death" Out January 13, 2023

Added 21 November 2022, 9:19 PM

The cult rock group Mansion, hailing from Turku, Finland, will release their sophomore album ”Second Death” on January the 13th, 2023. In support of the upcoming full-length record, the band have unleashed an over 10-minute-long single "You Are Suspicious".

In the last ten years the band has outputted three extended plays as well as the full-length debut "First Death of the Lutheran" in 2018. The band declare that, what it comes to the lyrics and the compositions, atmospherically, this upcoming release will be their heaviest yet. The group has been scooping influences into their music both from the current world situation as well as the general decadence of communality.

"This release will contain the accounts of challenges of the select few; those that will sit in safety with the Lord when the trumpets of heaven are roaring while angels mourn the passing away of humanity. The album's hymns attack the pitiful bearers of unclean thoughts, the turncoat serpents among the flock and the hypocritical justice of the sorrowless," the band summarises their forthcoming release.

The band comment their first single from this album as follows:
"Forget about your devious mind games, for Mother Alma sees through you and your wicked mind. You are going to get caught for your trespasses, have no doubt about it in your deceitful little mind. The present hymn deals with the feeling of doubt, which once arisen, does not let one go so easily. The furious solo at the end is performed by Tommi Hoffrén from the Jess and the Ancient Ones, as if making an attempt, though being unsuccessful, at atoning his disgusting sins."

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Joona Lukala at the Noise For Fiction recording studios. His resume includes, among others, releases from Reverend Bizarre and Michael Monroe. "Second Death" will be released digitally, on a cassette, CD as well as vinyl. The record can be preordered through the band's Bandcamp site.

Alma - vocals
Osmo - vocals
Aatami – drums, guitar
Samuel - guitar
Jaakob - guitar
Immanuel - bass
Matti-Juhani - Organ
Mikael - lyrics

Second Death (2022)
First Death of the Lutheran (2018)
Altar Sermon (EP, 2015)
Uncreation (EP, 2014)
We Shall Live (EP, 2013)

Social Media:
Bandcamp: Mansion
Spotify: Mansion | Spotify

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