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MEDJAY: Releases "Sandstorm" Inspired By the Egyptian Revolution!

Added 17 January 2020, 10:17 PM

"The people want to topple the president" (Arabic: الشعب يريد إسقاط الرئيس) those were the words of millions of voices who hit the streets to decry an authoritarian regime back on January 25th, 2011 in Egypt.

The idea of Medjay started a couple of years ago when its founder and bass player wanted to form a serious authorial band in which he could develop in its melody, lyrics, and concept also adding some elements of Egyptian Culture. Samuka has graduation and posts graduations in History and Philosophy, and by being passionate about this rich culture with all its myths and facts, he wanted to turn some of this motivation to music.

The name Medjay was taken from Ancient Egypt’s history. They were warriors that inhabited the regions of northern Sudan and Southern Egypt and ended up becoming an elite paramilitary force and the Pharaoh’s royal guard. The name Medjay may also be comprehended as a spirit of bravery and fight that is present in the whole human story, for wherever you find warrior people, the Medjay spirit lies present, and this was the main inspiration for writing the song Sandstorm, which is also the name of our first album.

Medjay is formed by four warriors: Samuka (Bass) Phil Lima (Vocals and Guitar), Freddy Daniels (Guitar), and Riccardo Linassi (Drums). They explained precisely why they are releasing "Sandstorm" on January 25th: "This is our tribute to the millions of brave Egyptians who marched towards Tahrir Square in Cairo on January 25th of 2011, which is the exact reason why we chose this very symbolic day to release this Video clip. The square became a symbol of strength and resistance. We were very impressed by the size and outcomes achieved with this revolution and by referring to this relevant historical mark. Somehow, we wish this kind of strength and union seeking freedom and social justice would also take place someday in Brazil."

Teaser of Sandstorm music video as a tribute to the march of millions of Egyptians to Tahrir square, in Cairo, seeking justice and freedom!

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