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Added 07 March 2018, 4:16 PM

Yes, only two more months to the biggest underground metal event! Metal United World Wide (MUWW)  is getting into the last stage of preparations. There was a bit of country shuffling with some who had to drop out and some who joined. China and Australia have added a number of cities and are participating now with 5 to 6 MUWW shows. The first flyers are appearing and lineups are finished or in the last stage of finalisation. 90 bands are playing so far but we are far from finished announcing the last one and it looks like there could be up to 200 bands participating.

Let's have a quick look at what's happening in the MUWW countries: Singapore was the first with a complete lineup already in January. They also offer presale. Uruguay is bringing four bands and in Sydney it's Lethal Vendetta's album launch (No Prisoners No Mercy). In Peru there are even 2 album launches at the MUWW show: Despondent Chants (The Eyes of Winter) and Fallen Symmetry (Renacer Vivo). There are more album launches planned but that information cannot be disclosed yet. Gold Coast is part of Kaosphere's tour.
Switzerland is bringing on a more classic heavy metal show while Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Albania and Bolivia turn to a darker side. Part of the Johannesburg show is the first African all-black Black Metal band Demogoroth Satanum.
Calgary has added a band of Mexican origin, so Mexico has finally also become part of MUWW. The French Canadian MUWW representation in Quebec has put together a 3 band lineup. Like Calgary, Estonia features an international (Finnish) band which is great after Finland could not participate due to loss of venue. We are also hoping that Egypt is able to find a new venue. Poland brings Bläkken, a Swedish band - again adding to the list of MUWW countries without a show but participating by playing a show. The same situation is in Thailand with bands from Japan and Myanmar.
Panama is in the middle of announcing bands and Mozambique is currently presenting a 3 band lineup. Costa Rica is preparing a massive show and Mongolia just published the flyer. Turkey has announced One More Page as first band, bringing on a The Voice Turkey contestant (singer Onur from One More Page). Visit our Youtube Channel where videos of most announced bands are available and you can tour the metal world with some clicks.

And then there is the war-torn Middle East with some countries like Iraq banning metal. The Iraqi band Dark Phantom is trying to get funding to travel to their neighbours in Syria and play the MUWW show in Damascus. Syria changed their organiser but is still keen to be part of MUWW with the current organiser making the following statement: "This is Jake from Maysaloon band from Damascus, Syria. Yes Syria! Despite all the bombs which are being dropped upon us, all the blood and killing, Metal Keeps us alive! I'll be organizing the event here in the capital, it's really an honor to be part of this with all of you!" United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/
Join us on 5 May!

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