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METALWINGS: Release 3rd Music Video "For All Beyond"

Added 06 November 2018, 10:23 PM

On the first of November 2018 METALWINGS released their third official music video - this time for the moving title song of the debut album For All Beyond.

The unique presence of creation is implied in the song through the connection between all human beings who come and go, building their lives through the roots of their family and ancestors.

The charming dress of singer Stela Atanasova was designed by Ivo Velinov. It represents the dedicated vision of METALWINGS for the great Mother Nature.

METALWINGS • Stela Atanasova • 2018
Stela Atanasova (Lead Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys)
Grigor Kostadinov (Guitars)
Krastyo Jordanov (Guitars, Irish Flute, Backing Vocals)
Milen 'Mavro' Mavrov (Bass)
Angel Kitanov (Keyboards)
Nikola 'Blackie' Ivanov (Drums)

Around a gorgeous Century-old tree the band deepened themselves into the tremendous creation of Mother Nature and they turned it literally into artistic flesh and blood to tell about all the joy she brings - and also the giant sorrow Nature has to bear unfortunately.

The dark shadowman shown in the clip is the eerie embodiment of a lost soul. That's why he has no face, no flesh. This soul is desperate and completely shut up in its own prison of fear.

On the other hand, the child embodies the hope of life and challenges this lost soul to find its way to the light.
METALWINGS – For All Beyond feat. Max Morton [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Music Video for the debut album's title song 'For All Beyond'
Youtube link:

The presence of the child causes the shadow to go in search of salvation. Reaching the sea is the end of lost hope and the beginning of light. To finally find hope, the shadow goes beyond itself … beyond its life. Finally, the shadow breaks its own limits and proves that there is always a will to fight against the dark.

METALWINGS once again prove their exceptional musical size and exquisite artistic taste with the new music video.

The fact that the enthusiastic music of these Bulgarian big-hearts wanders directly into the soul, is due to several strengths of the exceptionally artistic minds.
METALWINGS with the classically trained frontwoman Stela Atanasova have an exquisite singer whose bell-light and beguilingly feminine, operetta-like voice stands out high from the mass of the genre. With her violin, the soulful vocalist also conjures magical moments of sound.

The hymn-melodic and epically uplifting CLASSIC SYMPHONIC METAL of the Sofia based formation combines the finest elements of classical music and the timeless world of opera. (Markus Eck)

Frontcover • For All Beyond • Artwork by Yasen Denev
01: End Of The War 4:51
02: Secret Town 4:15
03: Immortal Metal Wings 5:18
04: When We Pray 4:16
05: A Wish 5:52
06: There’s No Time 4:22
07: For All Beyond 5:33
08: Realm Of Dreams 4:26
09: Tujni Serza 4:09
10: For All Beyond (Orchestral Version) 5:33
11: Fallen Angel In The Hell 6:06
12: Fallen Angel In The Hell (Instrumental Version) 6:08
total: 60:49 min.

2016: Fallen Angel In The Hell (EP)
2018: For All Beyond (full-length)

MEDIA FEEDBACK • For All Beyond • Album 2018:

10 / 10
"… a really promising genius work … creates an enriched and captivating sound with a blend of theatrical drama and classical elegance driven by the raw force of symphonic essences and harsher, greedy lines of Metal, coupled with the classically trained voice and expressive vocal behavior of Atanasova are an interesting attraction to the listener as the sounds around her launch their own imagination."
(Metal Temple)

95 / 100
"… critics will claim that there is no revolutionary to experience, but as far as I am concerned they can go 'in' and they can be flushed. I fully support this band. The picture is correct for me. Do not ask for names of outliers; everything shoots out. I am completely carried away with the music and vocals of Stela. Top. Top. Top."

4 / 5
"… great Symphonic/Gothic Metal … Nightwish did set something enormous ablaze with their first album. Something that has grown universal. I for one am eternally grateful for that because I just love the combination of bigger than life vocals and cool Metal … METALWINGS are no different … this is beautiful Metal … throw in some Celtic influences and you got an album that should take the world by storm … I know that is has taken me by storm."
(Battle Helm)

88 / 100
"… definitely a winner … Symphonic Metal fans will definitely enjoy it and I think the themes will also attract a lot more listeners."
(Metal Archives)

17 / 20
"… in the manner of NIGHTWISH (first period) … atmospheric … magic."
(Spirit Of Metal)

8,5 / 10
"For All Beyond presents us a band with enormous potential … in the field of Symphonic Metal one of the surprises of this first half of the year … an hour of wonderful Symphonic Metal music between folk atmospheres, gothic nuances and power metal power …"

8,5 / 10
"… a majestic stroll through Power Metal and Symphonic Metal territory …METALWINGS manage to offer a measured balance to please fans of both genres."
(MetalGods TV)

"A truly exquisite work for gourmets, connoisseursand visionaries that shines with elegance. And if it'll be just fair for METALWINGS, then their name will be named in one with populars such as NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION, XANDRIA, and SIRENIA!"
(Sonic Seducer)

"Taking influences from the likes of SONATA ARCTICA, NIGHTWISH and LACUNA COIL, METALWINGS take you on an epic journey filled with vigor and emotion … a magnificent album that I can warmly recommend to people looking for some great escapist Symphonic Metal entertainment. The songs are diverse, but they all maintain a consistent feel of optimism and energy."
(Belgian Metal Shredder)

"METALWINGS' greatest work lies in the way they structure the compositions; picking in the essence of symphonic music they added characteristics from the several Rock/Metal melodic subgenres, yet without pushing to much for one side nor the other."
(Metal Em Portugal)

"For All Beyond has a permanent-loop character … a record you can not only celebrate live, but one can also listen to pretty good at home while cuddling. Music for heart and soul!"
(Bad Black Unicorn)

"METALWINGS create a rich and rousing sound; a blend of operatic drama and classical elegance driven by the raw force of Symphonic and harsher essences of Metal."
(The RingMaster Review)

"Bulgarian's METALWINGS offer a sturdy, reasonably generic take on the female-fronted Gothic style; that said they do what they do really well, offering nice amounts of light and shade in everything they create."
(Sentinel Daily)

"… Symphonic Metal tidbit … phenomenal debut album … highly talented newcomers … Stela Atanasova is not only a gifted singer who, with her great voice, but also with her incredibly sympathetic and charming accent, knows how to thrill her fans - no, she is also a fantastic violinist, keyboarder and of course composer."
(Undercover Rock And Metal)

"… in that clientele, which feels mainly addressed by the romantic-pompous appearance of various Nightwish-Elaborate and their epigones,METALWINGS should also be welcomed with open arms and ears …"

"… expressed really naturally … refreshing your mind and makes you think about things from your dreams or beyond our world … super performed album in every aspect … the music in most of the songs is like a secret access to many moods that cheer up my spirit …"
(Monarch Magazine)

"Enchanting Symphonic Metal from Bulgaria … carefully crafted debut work … which will please especially fans of classical Symphonic Metal."

"For All Beyond is a beautiful palette of a hymn-melodic and epically uplifting classic Symphonic Metal. It’s an unique combination of angelic vocals, powerful guitars, magical Irish flutes and the gentle sound of electric viola."
(International Radio Deutschland)

"One of the best albums 2018."
(Metal +)

"… offers exactly what one would expect from a Symphonic Metal album … 12 songs, full of epic, wonderful guitar solos and crashing drums in combination with the powerful vocals …METALWINGS prove with For All Beyond that they can not be overlooked in Symphonic Metal and impress all along the line."

"Just when I thought that the Symphonic Metal genre is now at a standstill, a band from Bulgaria surprises me and teaches me a better … refreshing riffs are paired with classical opera elements and combined into sensitive and powerful songs … For All Beyond is an album you always like to listen to without boredom."

"… Symphonic Metal, Folk Metal, Power Metal and Gothic Metal … elegance and style … METALWINGS is a fantastic world in which to immerse ourselves … truly enchanting …"
(System Failure)

"… atmospheric … punchy …Celtic influence that is a heavy METALWINGS trait … energetic and lively … gives me goose bumps … like a breath of fresh air … delivering equal quantities of Power and Symphonic Metal."
(Frenzy Fire)

Kyle Scott


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