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NOCTURNAL BREED: New Release, New Music

Added 21 January 2022, 11:19 PM

As this year sees Nocturnal Breed celebrating their 25th anniversary thrashing the metal scene, we are looking both backwards and forwards through the band’s long carrier.

And it is in this occasion we would like to publish the first exclusive look at the NEW Double album cover…yes new! ‘FACE YOUR AGGRESSOR (25 Years in the bunker)’ is the title. And it has been in the planning since the 90’s. This is a total celebration of the loyalty of the fans and the ever-thrashing metal scene worldwide. Serving up a 2-disc special experience, that will blow your mind.

Disc 1 (25 Years in the bunker) will feature an absolute ‘best off’ collection, picked by the Speed Metal Legions fan members. So, thus a fully fan-based track listing. Hopefully capturing the essence of the band and what the Thrashiacs like about us.

But…as the whole band see these ever boring “Best of” albums as regurgitated boringness, we have instead decided to deliver a bit more to our loyal fans. So…

Disc 2 (Face your aggressor) will be a BRAND-NEW mini album, featuring 11 unreleased tracks, some old and some new recordings captured last fall/summer.

The tracks were recorded in the old ways, through a simple 4 mic setting in our rehearsal room. Then mixed at the very primitive Necrolab Studio. All to tap into the vein of the really raw and untamed foundation of blackened thrash like the very oldest Bathory, Destruction, Manilla Road, Hellhammer or Death material. But of course with a pure heavy metal touch to it and a sharp in your face production. We guarantee it will be a kick in the face, as this band has no plans of slowing down and softening the punch.

No Thrash…No Life!!!

S.A. Destroyer

Bunker Norvegicus
December 2021

Get your version on the Folter Records Bandcamp: Face Your Aggressor | NOCTURNAL BREED | Folter Records

Spotify: Face Your Aggressor (25 Years in the Bunker) - Album by Nocturnal Breed | Spotify
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