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OLTRETOMBA: Signs with Moribund Records!

Added 22 January 2019, 6:28 PM

Italy's Retrogarde Black Metal duo, OLTRETOMBA, recently signed with Moribund Records, roaring and ready to release their 2nd full-length album, THE HORROR - Figure del Terrore. Old-school in sound & style, raw and aggressive, even outright rocking (did someone say more cowbell?), you are doing yourself a terrible disservice if you're not familiar with OLTRETOMBA's phenomenal offerings!

OLTRETOMBA was initialized by the dark obsessions and flickering horrors of Lucas Demon. "Retrogarde is not just the musical style, but what we call attitude; it is a much wider way to create expressively," L.D. informs the Moribund Cult. "As I already play in a black-death metal band (ATHANOR) for many years, I didn't have interest to clone it. The most important thing for OLTRETOMBA is to make a song which sounds violent and creepy," remarks L.D. "The bands' goal is not strictly geared at a musical style but at how it sounds in a more general way, to represent music born to be extreme, out of trends, not for fashion." With no bells (outside of percussion), no whistles (besides those of the Nameless occultist), with nothing 'plastic' or pre-molded, OLTRETOMBA claim their well-secured seat at the Pentagonal Table of the Moribund Cult.

Also notable, is that OLTRETOMBA record the fashioned-old way- without copy/paste, drum triggers, or Direct Injection Units, making this pair absolutely unique in a swamp full of modern sounds and aesthetics! Composed in different artistic periods with many points of inspiration, OLTRETOMBA's THE HORROR - Figure del Terrore is only the most recent culmination of 2 seasoned musicians' prowess under 1 artistic visionary. THE HORROR - Figure del Terrore will reach the masses in physical form this spring, courtesy of Moribund Records.

Kyle Scott


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