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OVERLOUD: Release Third Album Loud Machine

Added 10 January 2019, 9:31 PM

OVERLOUD comes from San Sebastian, in the north of Spain, and they are battling hard since 10 years ago to grow bigger and sound louder. Spain is, at first sight, not the best country for Hard Rock, despite this we like the genre and we have really good national bands playing hard rock, classic rock, AOR and sleazy. Now is the perfect moment to look face to face to the rest of European hard rock bands and, in general, to the whole hard rock scene in countries like UK, Germany or Scandinavia…. And from all over the world!

Their warcry is clear: “one step back and two steps forward” and always raising the classic hard rock and sleazy flag behind, OVERLOUD are running faster and harder everyday. We are introducing you their ultimate album and, as its name shows for sure, they are a Loud Machine. Now is the moment to bet everything for them because they are willing to win without taking prisoners…

OVERLOUD is a classic hard rock/sleazy band… Their style is even close to heavy metal in some moments and has many background based on the old L.A. 80´s style: RATT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, LA GUNS, GN´R, POISON or SKID ROW. American flavour mixed with an European touch (from GOTTHARD, EUROPE or BONFIRE until DOGS D´AMOUR, HANOI ROCKS/MICHAEL MONROE) and with the actual Scandinavian rebirth of the genre (like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, CRAZY LIXX or BACKYARD BABIES, among others).

Party, elegance, rock n´roll and deep meaning in the same music box. Is this possible? Of course it is!… just listen to Loud Machine first and speak later… In this world, scene and years, you have to believe in yourself, in the God of rock n´ roll and in Lemmy, Bon Scott and Steve Lee. If not, is better to stay home listening to Britney Spears!

Do you want to pray with us and be part of the new hard rock religion?… We drive a loud machine, remember…

Kyle Scott


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