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PESANTA URFOLK announces release dates for new LUX INTERNA and ASH BORER releases

Added 11 May 2013, 11:48 AM

There is a pleasure in the pathless woods,
There is a rapture on the lonely shore,
There is society where none intrudes,
By the deep Sea, and music in its roar: I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

Today, Northwestern stronghold of magick 'n' mysticism PESANTA URFOLK announces May 27th as the release date for two new, highly anticipated releases: LUX INTERNA's there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun, available on both CD and vinyl LP formats, and ASH BORER's Cold of Ages double-vinyl LP. Both releases' respective vinyl editions will receive the characteristically grandiose treatment from PESANTA URFOLK, the labor of love of noted photographer/documentarian/musician/Stella Natura festival organizer Adam Collins-Torruella. Committed to honest, intense art in all its forms - and, dutifully and reverentially, manifesting it physically in a manner most perfect and poignant - PESANTA URFOLK spans the wide spectrum of true "outsider music," from autumnal neofolk and haunted Americana to spectral black metal and elegiac doom-drone, and many points in between. To date, the label has released luxurious vinyl artifacts from the likes of VELNIAS, SUTEKH HEXEN, LASHER KEEN, L'ACEPHALE, WREATHES, HAIL (USA), and KNIT HER among others. LUX INTERNA's there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun CD/LP and ASH BORER's Cold of Ages double-vinyl LP are the first of a slew of new, bewitching releases slated for this year from PESANTA URFOLK. Tracklistings, covers, and more info follow below.

Upon first listen, it might seem strange to call there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun a devotional album. But in many ways, that’s exactly what it is: each song is an altar woven from tapestries of minor chords, voices, delicate drones, and violent sprawls of sound, offered up to house the haunting presence of a hidden god. Though the lyrical themes and obsessive delivery of the songs provides the album with a sense of unity, musically and tonally, its constituent moments are quite unique: from the ghost-town drone of “nida,” to the strange Appalachian shamanism of “wounded stag,” from the tidal beauty of “blackbird” to the blackwater surf reverberations of “king winter,” there is light… finds LUX INTERNA exploring territory only hinted at by their previous releases. For although their earlier material was often associated with the genre of neofolk, there is light… evidences a dramatic musical shift marked by a heavier, more ritualistic sound. The songs here incorporate electric instruments, violin, viola, loops and percussion and are haunted by flourishes of ghostly banjo and resonant finger-style guitar. And with intimations of the blues, folk music, and old-time country weaving seamlessly into passages reminiscent of post-punk, neofolk, or even doom, LUX INTERNA seem to articulate a hazy vision of some long-lost American spirit - a spirit that appears here in a dark form, no doubt, but which may just hint at the promise of light, hidden within its deep shades of night.

LUX INTERNA's there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun will be available in both CD and vinyl LP formats. For the LP version, there will be a standard pressing of 400 copies on 200-gm black vinyl, and then a special limited edition that's letterpressed and strictly limited to 100 copies.

Full tracklisting for LUX INTERNA's there is a light in the body, there is blood in the sun CD/LP

1) king winter
2) tongues
3) nida
4) spiritloom
5) wounded stag
6) threefold
7) seed
8) black bird
9) tabor

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