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RAVEN THRONE: Premiers Second Track from New Album.

Added 24 March 2018, 11:34 AM

Belarusian atmospheric black metal unit RAVEN THRONE is returning with their sixth album "I Miortvym Snicca Zolak" on May 02, 2018 via Dutch Label Non Serviam Records.

Decibel Magazine unfolds the premiere of the second track "Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…" from the upcoming album, which is based on poems from the beginning of the 20th century. Listen to it RIGHT HERE:

" With lyrics and music based on and inspired by Slavic poetry, I Miortvym Snicca Zolak enfolds the listener in a blinding maelstrom of spellbinding riffs, weightless but imbued with that special brand of Eastern European melancholy that makes bands from that part of the world so singular, and so irresistible."  — Dutch Pearce, Decibel Magazine

The Band informs: “The song “Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem” is taken from the poem (having the same title) of Michas Charot — the Belarusian poet, playwright and writer who was shot in the framework of the repression, committed by the Soviet leaders in October, 1937. Michas dedicated this to Tishke Gartnoy (real name Dmitry Fyodorovich Zhilunovich), another prominent poet from Belarus. The poem fits perfectly into the music of Raven Throne, thus forming one of the most powerful and piercing tracks from this album.”

Emerged from the ancient city Polotsk in 2004, Belarusian band RAVEN THRONE is having a couple of LPs and an EP in its amassment. The short lived first line-up collapsed after a few shows, the guitarist Chernotur (aka Dzianis Lukianovich, Thy Wings) kept the flame alive with War Head, who joined the band as a bass player in 2005. Encountering several lineup changes, the main core of the band had been formed in the person of Chernotur and War Head since then. During 2005 and 2006 RAVEN THRONE was a studio project, until Ingwar Winterheart (aka Galdor) joined the band. The first records were made at that time.

RAVEN THRONE had no drummer until 2011 and played under drum machine, but they released 03 magnificent albums till then. The band has become more active since 2014, started playing small and big festivals/gigs on regular basis. The current drummer Green Skin joined the band in 2015. The band shared stages with some prestigious local and international bands, including legendary Polish death metal troop VADER.

05th album «By the Path of the Forgotten» was released in 2016 via Possession Productions. The record was made by Chernotur and War Head as usual. In April 2016, the new line-up was renewed. Zergved Hellersatan (ex-KAIRA) became new vocalist. RAVEN THRONE supported ROTTING CHRIST on their Minsk gig during the world tour in December 2017.

Upcoming album "I Miortvym Snicca Zolak" will be out May 02nd via Non Serviam Records on digipak. RAVEN THRONE invites you to an odyssey in the splendor of the Slavic nature, which is based on poems from the beginning of the 20th century. The bands from the east Slavic countries can invent the supreme atmosphere that darkens the music with deep melancholy and Raven Throne is the perfect example to illustrate this tendency. The 06 splendid tracks of the album are occupied with deep melodies, but powerful rhythms, exploring the darkest side of human emotions. Without sacrificing melodic and dynamic proficiency, their musical technicality comes out on top through the composition.

Magnificent visual artistry in the form of cover art was executed by the band’s vocalist War Head. RAVEN THRONE will be embarking on an European tour this year to promote this album.




1. Vietru
2. Pole cicha šaptała kałossiem…
3. Imža, i sklizota, i prykraja zol
4. Vosień
5. Žyvym vas nie daklikacca…
6. Žyvoj kryvi žyvyja cielcy

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