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SOL DE SANGRE: Premiere New Song "Ratas."

Added 13 March 2018, 11:33 AM

Indy Metal Vault has premiered a track from the forthcoming debut album by international death metallers SOL DE SANGRE. Stream "Ratas" and check out the accompanying interview at this location.

SOL DE SANGRE's self-titled album will be released March 23 on Black Market Metal. Pre-order:

Decibel previously premiered a lyric video for album cut "La Feria del Chivo." Get after it at:

Album tracks "Más Abajo del Infierno" and "Perros con Sarna" are streaming at

SOL DE SANGRE emerges as a promising new death metal act with its self-titled debut album recorded in Spanish, the band's native language. Though Colombian-born, the band members are located in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

The album features the classic death metal sound while presenting the band's own spin with the vocal aggression of thrash and hardcore to grab everyone by the throat and spit on their faces. The album was mixed by Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Grave) at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and mastered by Toxic Holocaust's Joel Grind (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy). Featuring members/ex-members of well-known Colombian acts like HeadCrusher, Absolution Denied and Cromlech, SOL DE SANGRE succeeds in keeping the classic Death Metal sound alive.

"Sol De Sangre are relentless in their approach to songwriting. Splitting their time between deep grooves, full-bore double-bass heavy sections and blazing solos, little time is left in between parts."
- Decibel

"This album fucking rips from first note to last - with thrashy tempos, impassioned vocals, and more sick riffs per square inch than should probably be allowed by law."
- Indy Metal Vault

"The album is an absolute assault of dizzying death/thrash. Spanish fluency not required to enjoy the beating."
- Void Unveiled

"What the album represents is a kind of tribute to the evil death metal they grew up with, along with other aggressive influences that include hardcore and thrash."
- No Clean Singing

"There is no language barrier when metal is being spat out with this kind of force. It's a universal language & Sol de Sangre are speaking it loudly for all to hear!"
- Games, Brrraaains, & a Head-Banging Life

Track List:

1 - Preludio - Los Andes
2 - Perros con Sarna
3 - Ratas
4 - La Feria del Chivo
5 - La Cosecha del Miedo
6 - Interludio - Purgatorio
7 - Sol de Sangre
8 - Muertos con Ojos Estallados
9 - Más Abajo del Infierno
10 - Sin Ley y Sin Dios
11 - Bienvenida Muerte Bienvenida (Cover Lluvia Negra)
12 - Coda- Llanos del Infierno

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