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THE CROWNED: Release "Apparition."

Added 12 August 2017, 1:19 PM

The premier Metal band from Texas right now is The Crowned. Formed by singer/drummer Marc Coronado in 2013, the band has taken the stage with popular acts such as Hell Yeah, Flaw, Sons of Texas, and many more. The band known for their gory music videos and live high energy performances has the metal scene taking notice.

In 2016, The Crowned caught the attention of Pavement Entertainment and signed an artist partnership deal. Their first full-length album, "Apparition," is out now. On the new release, Coronado says, "'Apparition' is a living and breathing work of art. Each song is completely different from the last. A new venture for your ears from beginning to end. Truly a tough and brutal album for you to satisfy your metal needs."

1. Forthcoming
2. God Dammit
3. Hate
4. The Dead (Ft. The Wolf)
5. Murder
6. Kill (Ft. Corpse Queen)
7. Warfare (Ft. Amanda Maddera)
8. Nobody
9. Defeat the Monster
10. Your Promise
11. Apparition

Check out The Crowned's latest music video, "The Dead," which is also the first single from the new album. Coronado states, "'The Dead' is a taste of what our album has to offer. Brutal fast riffs, breakdowns, melodic tones, whaling vocals, deep screams, and powerful chords to accent the disturbing visuals in the video."

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