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The Danish black metal band ABDUNOR are ready with their debut album "Apocryphal"

Added 08 May 2013, 3:10 PM

Mighty Music are proud to announce the release of “Apocryphal” by the Danish black metal band ABDUNOR on June 24th. ABDUNOR was formed in 1997(!) by the two masterminds Horror and Inferior, and they are now back with their innovative, dark and atmospheric metal music!

ABDUNOR released an EP entitled “Whispers in Nameless Forms” which was published in 1998. After a long hiatus ABDUNOR has begun to stir again and this time it’s serious. Horror explains:

“There were several factors in play to why we didn’t went further with the ABDUNOR project after the EP. We had a seriously shitty management, other music projects stood in the way and we didn’t had the time that we have today... That is the reason why this album has first found its way now. The album is just the beginning for the band and the material will only get darker, harder and more epic. Actually the material for the next album is already ready for recording, so there’s certainly nothing wrong with our creativity.”

The recordings of “Apocryphal” is done in ABDUNOR’s own studio with Inferior on vocals, guitar, bass and keys and Horror on drums, percussions and backing vocals. Mix and master have been placed in the capable hands of Studio Fredman (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir. Arch Enemy etc.).
Sonically ABDUNOR is much more than a simple black metal band. One of the ultimate goals for ABDUNOR has always been to create something unique. They deliver music that encompasses a truly special atmosphere (in both music and lyrics) put together by fast and slow, technical and melodic parts.

“Apocryphal “ is only a taste of what can be expected in the future by the band. A “must listen to” if you are into dark sounds and death/black metal!

Check out the album trailer here.

Release: June 24th 2013

Track list:
1. By Death - Sworn to Fire
2. Enchanted Warfare Betrayed
3. Reborn into Wildfire Robbing
4. Coronation Ablaze
5. Irregular Dark Shades
6. Self Immolated Darkness
7. Confession of A Dogmatic Impaler
8. Dreadful Enlightment

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