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VIELIKAN: Release "Everlasting Smile"

Added 09 January 2017, 7:15 PM

Tunisian extreme metal act VIELIKAN releases a new single as a music video.

Vielikan announces 2017 recording and album release.

Despite all the difficulties in performing art in Tunisia, North Africa, with its Islamic environment, its social opposition to cultural, artistic values and activities, Vielikan is proud to announce the release of their new single "Everlasting Smile," which is an introduction to the upcoming full-length album "Madhyrgal."

Everlasting Smile, released on December 29, 2016, is a cinematographic music video; a first for the extreme metal scene in Tunisia and North Africa in general. The track is about sorrow that is deeply personal to Vielikan's frontman Fedor Souissi Kovalevsky, who experienced the loss of someone very close to him last summer. The Ukrainian/Tunisian songwriter, producer, guitarist/vocalist Kovalevsky plans the recording of Vielikan's next album in early 2017.  Madhyrgal's tracklist isn't unveiled yet but the whole album will revolve around the single's concept, dealing with death and inspired by the old Norse/Rus'/Phoenician mythology, coupled with Kübler-Ross' 7 stages of grief. Due to the lack of passionate musicians in his hometown, Kovalevsky recorded Everlasting Smile entirely by himself. Mixed and mastered at Liquid Studios, New York. Mohamed Melki, frontman of the critically acclaimed death metal act Brood of Hatred, joined Vielikan in 2016 as a permanent member, following a near complete change of line-up. Brood of Hatred is the first Tunisian death metal band to have signed a contract with a renowned label, Crime Records, with whom they released "Skinless Agony" in 2014.

About Vielikan :

Vielikan (which means "giant" in Russian) is a Tunisian extreme metal band labelled as progressive death metal with a doomy background, formed by Kovalevsky in 2002. The band went through several changes in its name, line-up and genre since then. It took its final shape in 2008, releasing an EP in 2009, a full length album in 2010, and a single in 2011 as the only metal tribute to the Tunisian revolution.  Vielikan is the only extreme metal band founded before the Tunisian revolution that is still active and performing live.

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