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YYLVA: Releases Debut Single/Video 'A Sidhe in Throes.'

Added 02 March 2018, 12:00 PM

A wistfully wraith-like siren stirs within these waters…

YYLVA, meaning ‘she-wolf’, is at Atmospheric Black Metal venture created by British artist and songwriter, Clare Webster. In a world where traditional
heathen and ancestral values are rapidly being lost to the aether, YYLVA’s etheric, harp-laden lullabies serve to connect us with our fading heritage. The brand-new music video for YYLVA’s debut single, A Sidhe in Throes, directed by the talented Kathryn Gee of Zen Zero Images has now been released. The track will feature on the forthcoming album The Wood Beyond the World, although a release date is yet to be confirmed. Filming for this empyrean epic, just clocking in shy of nine minutes, was filmed in early January across ancient British sites in Oxfordshire and Staffordshire, which both have their own haunting tales to tell. Inspired greatly by mythology and folklore, pagan tales of old gently weave their way through the eerie landscapes of YYLVA’s visionary debut. Themes around The Mórrígan; a Phantom Queen in Celtic Mythology, is featured heavily throughout both the visual and lyrical
aspects of A Sidhe in Throes.

After defeating the Formorians in a great battle, the Mórrígan proclaimed the victory for the Tuatha Dé Danaan and delivered a prophecy. The first part of the prophecy foretold prosperity, the second, the end of the world: both of which feature within the lyrics of the song. Following a tragic accident just under a year ago, YYLVA chooses to explore the deeper meaning behind the esoteric within her music. “Witnessing a traumatic event can destroy you, but it can also give you a new sense of being,” she states. “Through this release we wanted to express how we are all connected to the ever-turning wheel; the seasons of the earth. Life, death, rebirth, nature, destruction, loss, prosperity, grief, joy and destiny: we are all as one.”

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