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All We Are Saying: Just Give Peace a Chance…by "Metal Mark" Garcia

Added 20 March 2022, 1:08 PM

This article is about the menace of a new world war…

I must state a thing here, in the beginning of it all: I’m 51, almost 52. I grew during the 70’s and 80’s, in a sad period of time under the shade of what is known on the history books as ‘Cold War’, a dispute between the USA and the Soviet Union on the development of their political models and the building of powerful nuclear weapons, what caused political and economic tensions, and stress for the entire world. Maybe the younger people can’t understand the fear of my generation of a new world war, but for us, this fear is extremely familiar.

We were exposed by all kinds of cultural media (music, visual arts, cinema, and many others) that used hard (and extremely sad) inheritance of World War II lessons as a set of teachings for the generations to come: the massacre that killed thousands of people just because they were from other ethnic groups or different, as gypsies, LGTB+, Jews and others (to think that men created a form of killing people in thousands using gases and burning their bodies in pyres is something that can cause nightmares for your entire life); the lives of those who had to fight a war that they didn’t started or asked for, but that were harvest in many different and cruel forms (some depictions of what happened on the Battle of Stalingrad were disturbing); the trauma caused to people who fought the war (in any war, in general, those who get back have fragile minds, and even a simple explosion of fireworks can make people in such way become in a blind rage, for the mind is damaged by the horrors and fears of war), and the bombing of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with nuclear weapons can be said as the worst.

As examples of what a nuclear war can cause to the world, I’d like to tell you about the original version of the film “The Planet of the Apes” and “The Day After”. Both films impressed a very hard and darkened mark on the minds of those who lived the period of Cold War.
In “The Planet of the Apes” (originally a 1963 French novel “La Planète des Singes” by Pierre Boulle, and the version I’m speaking was released in 1968), in the final scene, the astronaut Taylor (Charlton Heston) and Nova (Linda Harrison) are at a beach on a horse, when they find the Statue of Liberty buried in the sand up to its breasts, showing that nuclear apocalypse had passed, and the world of men ended. It’s an amazing scene in an artistic sense, but can cause fear on those who see it.

In “The Day After” (a 1983 TV film that became a cinema film), tensions (not so fictional in reality) between NATO and Warsaw Pact (namely USA and Soviet Union) led to a series of nuclear attacks to both nations. The scenes of what happen to people on the release of nuclear energy, and the aftermath of those who survive are still shocking today.

These words are coming from the heart, from someone that lived almost 20 years of my life in fear of a nuclear holocaust; a fear that died back when the iron curtain felt and the Soviet Union was fragmented; a fear that was born on 22 February 2022, because Russia invaded Ukraine on the lust for power of an autocratic idiot. Yes, Putin and his followers and lovers, I wrote that Putin IS A GODDAMN FUCKING IDIOT!

Ok, I know about the vain tries to erase the war crimes by justifying the aggression done against Ukraine.

First of all: unfortunately, nazi idiots exist throughout the entire world. The stupidity of man can be fought not by force. Intellectuals as Janusz Korczak and Paulo Freire pointed to the right way: education. Janusz said that “to change the world is to change the educational system”, and Paulo said that “Education does not change the world. Education change people. People change the world”. Resuming: if the idea is to ‘unazify’ people, leave weapons and soldiers behind and sent teachers and educators instead. Weapons just kill people; pens, pencils and books can change people…

And the disgusting “argumentum ad hominen” of other wars in the world is as empty as the brain of those who speak such thing. In Somali, Syria and Yemen, all are civil wars, people against their own people for reasons that could be set with words, and things don’t go into this way for the greed of few men in power. The same is for Palestine question (is to talk and settle things as hard as these guys always say? I don’t believe it). And instead of words, food and helping hands being reached out, there are bullets, weapons and thousands of dead bodies on the ground, even children are dying!

Resuming: there is no reason for the invasion of the Ukraine left, just the ego of one guy that in reality isn’t left-wing or right-wing in terms of political ideology. Putin isn’t a democrat or a communist, but in reality, he reminds us of a neoczar than any other thing. Another point that must be clear: there are some people trying to bring to this war a religious sew, and if you read enough about the Crusades and other religious wars, you must be aware that the fanatic bloodshed can be huge in a way that mind can’t conceive (the articles about the bloodshed that happened after the crusaders entered Jerusalem on the First Crusade are sad, with an estimate number of 40,000 people massacred on the city, so rivers of blood were spilled in the name of God, and I don’t really think He liked to watch such thing done in His name).

I write these lines having in mind the homily spoken by the warmonger Kirill (the Russian patriarch of Catholic Orthodox Church, and a personal friend of Putin) on Forgiveness Sunday. He on his homily thrown the blame of war lays on the shoulders of LGBT+ community, in a kind of ‘war against evil’ and for ‘good values’.

Some links:

It is homophobic behavior, but religious fanatics seem to not have to fit it on human rights… They think that God orders such a thing, but personally, he (and others) are using God’s name for their own ideas and profits. It’s not unusual to see such a thing, as some Christian leaders seem to have the post pissing in the dog, or being clear, God must obey them, not the reverse. In the case of Kirill, maybe it’s something related to the name, because Kirill is the same name of the Christian Bishop that led Hypatia of Alexandria (a teacher and philosopher) to death by torture in the hands of Christians on March 415.

Oh, by the way: Putin is clearly a homophobe, so he can’t be said as ‘left-winged’, ‘socialist’ or ‘democratic’, and he loves censorship as well. Maybe this can show how he and Kirill offer nothing but hatred to the world (where’s the third Stooge of war?). One moron understands other, and maybe this alliance between politics and religion is pointing not to a new Soviet Union being formed, but to a new Russian Empire (remember: on monarchies, religion is a key ally to power, history doesn’t lie). In many conceptions and models, the actual Russian government is done by fascists.

Back to the matter: in the early days of Putin’s invasion (stating clearly that a lot of Russian people manifested against the war, and are in jail by now on the ‘democratic government’ of Russia), a video showing that he is saying to those responsible for nuclear weapons to be ready. Yes, the nuclear menace once more ravages the Earth, and as a scientist, I can tell you a thing: one nuclear bomb will have a deep effect on the Earth’s environment. Our loved sons and daughters can inherit a dead world…

And the fear of a nuclear accident became real as soldiers were fighting into Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, where radioactive material was laid. I said ‘was’ because the bombs’ explosions and people walking there can spread nuclear material to outer limits of the zone, and only God knows how things are by now. Those that had their skin touched by the nuclear dust of these materials will be dead in few months… And I’m not speaking about the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant, where people were dying because they’re trying to fight the fire. In some ways, it seems to be genocide of the Ukrainian people. To those thinking that all people of the country are ‘nazis’, the bloodshed and deaths are nothing… It’s what their ideologies demand, and they can’t see things clearly.

As a Metalhead I grew into a whole background that speaks about the dangers of war to mankind as said above, and the themes linked to the horrors of nuclear wars and their aftermaths permeate the lyrics of many bands on the 80s as METALLICA, MEGADETH, DESTRUCTION, SODOM and others, and today, SABATON does a nice work on such matter, and ORPHANED LAND shows the experience of living on a land that lives constantly drowned in wars. I learned that war isn’t an acceptable way to settle things. We are human; we can speak, and we don’t need bombs or slaughters anymore. Such ways just make hate grew and things will become sour in the future again (remember that WWII is a direct consequence of WWI aftermath).

Still about Metal: many bands had to cancel their concerts in Russia due the lack of security (not only travel or anything other, but who’s able to go to a country that is in the middle of a war?), and is extremely BORING to see with idiots on Facebook’s pages of bands coming and crying as babies saying nasty words and making “ad hominen” statements when a band is only supporting the Ukrainian people that are suffering and dying on their own country for a war they didn’t ask for. For these Putin’s whores, supporters and ‘robots’, you must SHUT THE FUCK UP! Freedom of speech ends when you’re dealing with the personal space of others, even on the internet! Oh, don’t you like my words? FUCK YOU ALL FOR A SECOND TIME FOR GOOD!

And one more thing: DON’T THROW THE BLAME ON THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE. There are many of them in jail for protesting against this war (isn’t Putin and his government bitches good democrats?), and many other Russian people are suffering for this war that they know that isn’t fair, as mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of the soldiers sent to war (the generals receive medals on war; mothers and fathers shed tears for their lost sons). They’re not to blame for a leader ‘idioticracy’… And by the way, the sanctions done are making Russian (and world) people suffer a lot as well! I can imagine how many people are starving for the ego of these fascists maniacs in power…
The best thing to do: shout/write your ideas, even on internet social media. Please, don’t support a war (there are no ‘fair wars’ to be fought). There are a lot of people dying, and as said on an old comic book of the 70’s, the only winner on war is Death. And as long as ‘Adolf’ Putin asked to the armies to have their nuclear weapons ready, I truly fear for the worst. There are rumors that things will be raw in the future.

If Lithuania's President Gitanas Nauseda is right, this war is just at its beginning.

Remember one thing: during the times before the WWII, Hitler annexed Austria, then Czechoslovakia, and only when Poland was invaded, England and France declared war to Germany. But the damage was already done, things came out of control, and a world war lasted for 6 years and took thousands of lives (Hitler and other leaders endured, soldiers died at battlefields and concentration camps). He used excuses as ‘Lebensraum’ (the so-called concept of vital space created by Friedrich Ratzel). Isn’t it similar to ‘denazification’, ‘Ukrainians are Russians’ or ‘they have a Gay Parade’? Think for yourselves.

As final words, I’d like to say that I still have a tiny hope in my heart that things will be settled as soon as possible, and the massacre will be over. But as I wrote above, my senses tell me that it’s just beginning…

You talk about Communism, Nazism, Capitalism, Imperialism, and “this-ism”, “that-ism”… What I’m saying, after all these words, is to just Give Peace a Chance, as John Lennon said…


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