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Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia Top 10 of 2016.

Added 23 December 2016, 3:49 PM

No. 10:

Band: Rotting Christ
Album: Rituals

General Info:

Year of formation: 1987
Label: Season of Mist

The Greek Kings of Black Metal returned to unleash a new ethnic ritual to the dark paths of various cultures of the world, using songs that sound like hymns to create a dense and heavy dark atmosphere that surround and conquest our hearts and souls.

No. 9:

Band: Panzer
Album: Resistance

General Info:

Year of formation: 1992
Label: Shinigami Records

The Brazilian Thrash/Stoner Metal tank is back for the attack, bringing some of their earlier sound on this album. The band is renewed, with a new vocalist, so “Resistance” is a proof of how hard it is to beat these guys!

No. 8:

Band: Vektor
Album: Terminal Redux

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2004
Label: Earache Records

These guys really have guts, because they use a technical approach and different elements to create something that the label “Progressive Thrash Metal” can barely describe. They are open a new way and concept into Metal, so they deserve to be heard!

No. 7:

Band: Ancesttral
Album: Web of Lies

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2003
Label: Shinigami Records

The Brazilian Thrash/Heavy Metal quartet came back after a long nine years to unleash their second album, and it is mature, strong and bold, keeping the rooted aspect of their personality, but opening spaces for new influences.

No. 6:

Band: Tamuya Thrash Tribe
Album: The Last of the Guaranis

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2010
Label: Independent

This Brazilian Thrash Meta quartet is really courageous, because in a country with a conservative way of thinking/making Metal (yes, Brazil is truly this way), they dared to mix their Metal influences with Brazilian native musical styles, and speaking about the social problems of our nation, especially in terms of the despite for the Brazilian Indian cultures.

No. 5:

Band: ADE
Album: Carthago Delenda Est

General Info:

Year of formation: 2007
Label: Xtreem Music

The third album of these Italian centurions is a mighty and brutal blow in the face, a statement that you must surrender to their brutal and technical Death Metal with folk influences. It’s a new conception, a new way, so surrender or be destroyed!

No. 4:

Band: Affront
Album: Angry Voices

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2015
Label: Cianeto Discos

From Rio de Janeiro, comes this Power Trio that arose from the ashes from UNEARTHLY. Using the experience of the years, they built a new form of playing aggressive and brutal Thrash/Death Metal, and using some cultural themes on the middle of the bitter puke of inconformity.

No. 3:

Band: DarkTower
Album: Eight Spears

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2006
Label: Black Legion Productions/Lab 6 Music

The Brazilian high priests of Black Metal are back, going into a darker and raw way into Metal, but keeping the influences from Death, Thrash and traditional Heavy Metal. Unleashing a furious, but melodic and blackened form of music, the quintet is about to open the dimensional gates of Hell!

No. 2:

Band: Lacerated and Carbonized
Album: NarcoHell

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2005
Label: Vingança Music

Once more, the quartet from Rio de Janeiro unleashed a brutal Death Metal fury, using the violent, bitter and chaotic reality of the city as lyrics. The band improved a lot in all senses, and “NarcoHell” is a precious Metal pearl.

No. 1:

Band: Darkend
Album: The Canticle of Shadows

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2006
Label: Non Servian Records

I warned on my review that “The Canticle of Shadows” would be my favorite album of this year. The more you get used to their technical, melodic and esoteric Black Metal, you’ll be hooked for eternity, especially due the guests of the album. They are shining again, to make you all pay!


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