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Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia's Top Ten Albums of 2017

Added 21 December 2017, 6:50 PM

No. 10:

Band: Battle Beast
Album: Bringer of Pain

General Info:

Year of formation: 2005
Label: Nuclear Blast

From Finland, this amazing sextet came and showed how to blend Metal, Power Metal and some of the catching melodies from 80s Pop Rock into a personalized musical work. Hear “King for a Day”, “Beyond the Burning Skies” (the song I heard the most in the day I was about to defend my Doctor’s Degree Thesis) and “Familiar Hell” and see what they have!

No. 9:
Band: Ruins of Elysium
Album: Seeds of Chaos and Serenity

General Info:

Year of formation: 2013
Label: Independent

When we deal with Symphonic Metal on Brazil, there are many good bands on this genre, but this band amazes me due the tenor voices, beautiful and refined melodies and even due some extreme moments. And the band carries the banner o GLBT movement for equal rights, what is extremely hard on Brazil due conservative parties and religious powers resistance. They are the greatest Metal revelation of Brazil on 2017.

No. 8:

Band: Bob Kulick
Album: Skeletons in the Closet

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2016
Label: Vanity Music

When a master records an album, you must bow down your head and listen carefully. And after a 51 years career, this is Bob Kulick’s first solo album. Gathering songs from his previous works with new ones, this is a true Hard Rock/Glam Metal shot in your ears! Listen it out loud!

No. 7:

Band: Le Chant Noir
Album: Ars Arcanvm Vodvm

General Info:

Year of Formation: 2016
Label: Heavy Metal Rock

An experimental project of Mantus (PATRIA and MYSTERIIS guitarist), Lord Kaiaphas (former vocalist from ANCIENT) and Leo Pagani, this band uses a different and experimental insight, using Black Metal and Death Metal elements, but with some classical music and Folk/Epic influences, Hear it and you’ll have a new idea for the word “nightmare”.

No. 6:

Band: Kreator
Album: Gods of Violence

General Info:

Year of Formation: 1984
Label: Nuclear Blast

Showing the power of evolution, the German quartet released another classic album. Blending their traditional Techno-Thrash Metal with modern melodies, they unleashed a violent storm of energy with a chaotic vision of the world. Satan is real, dear nephews and nieces, but even he wouldn’t face these guys!

No. 5:

Band: Prong
Album: Zero Days

General Info:

Year of formation: 1986
Label: Steamhammer

The Industrial/Hardcore/Thrash Metal blend of the veteran North American trio came to break bones and damage your old conceptions. A bit more dry and aggressive than their previous album, this one shows that they deserve a better place on underground! Snap your fingers!

No. 4:

Band: Wael Daou
Album: Sand Cruzader

General Info:

Year of Formation:
Label: Independent

Wael Daou is a Brazilian guitarist with an amazing and eclectic musical insight. From Rock to Metal, with Blues and World Music touch, and some Arabic melodies, this album is an amazing surprise.

No. 3:

Band: Miasthenia
Album: Antípodas

General Info:

Year of Formation: 1993
Label: Mutilation Records

The Brazilian trio from Brasília came with a conceptual album, focused in telling the history of Francisco de Orellana, a Spanish conqueror, but in the viewpoint of the Amazons. And to fit in such complex lyrics, the Black Metal insight of the band evolved a lot, showing excellent instrumental arrangements, great melodies and excellent vocals. Let yourself be seduced by their music.

No. 2:
Band: Moonspell
Album: 1755

General Info:

Year of Formation: 1991
Label: Napalm Records

Telling the history of the Great Lisbon Earthquake, the Portuguese quintet expanded limits of their own musical style. Using orchestrations along Wagnerian choirs, and putting their influences of extreme Metal along Doom/Gothic Rock, they unleashed a masterpiece.


No. 1:

Band: Cradle of Filth
Album: Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay

General Info:

Year of Formation: 1991
Label: Nuclear Blast

The best of the best, after competing with other great albums, is CRADLE OF FILTH’s latest work. Fusion their traditional Black Metal style with fine orchestrations, the band reached another level of musical quality. Some of its songs could be on albums as “Midian”, “Dusk and Her Embrace” and on all their classics.

Edited 07 July 2022

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