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Marcos Garcia's Top 10 Albums of 2019.

Added 21 December 2019, 12:07 PM

No. 10

Album: The Wings of War

General Info:

Year of formation:
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The NYTM gang show again in this year as they deserve to be on the team of the greater bands of the genre. Songs as “Last Man Standing” and “Welcome to the Garden State” justify their Cult status, but is proof that they can reduce years to bloody shreds, and can go to the Big 4 team soon!

No. 9

Band: Soren Andersen
Album: Guilty Pleasures

General Info:

Year of formation: 2019
Label: Mighty Music

A famous guitarist and producer, Soren finally came up with an amazing album. As a guitar orientated album, the songs are focused on the 6 strings, but it’s far away of being boring for non-guitar players. “City of Angels”, “Agent Wells” and “Satori” are great songs, showing that a great guitarist doesn’t need to be a shredder to show an excellent work.

No. 8

Band: Hardline
Album: Life

General info:

Year of Formation: 1991
Label: Frontiers Records SRL

After times struggling to find a better line-up to rescue their music, the quintet seems to be again on the right track, and created a gem. And “Place to Call Home”, “Take a Chance” and their version for QUEEN’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” are songs that can shake the walls to the ground!

No. 7

Band: Twilight Force
Album: Dawn of the Dragonstar

General info:

Year of Formation: 2011
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

By the hands of the Swedish sextet, Symphonic Power Metal shows to have ample musical possibilities that could be explored. “Dawn of the Dragonstar”, “Long Live the King” and “With the Light of a Thousand Suns” some great moments of the Knights of Twilight’s Might. Hear it and have an excellent travel!

No. 6

Band: Burning Witches
Album: Hexenhammer

General info:

Year of Formation: 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The five Swiss witches came with a great album. Mixing the Old School insight of traditional Heavy Metal with the modern sound quality, the band showed potential to be a great Metal name soon. “Executed”, “Lords of War”, “Hexenhammer” and their version for “Holy Diver” are excellent songs, and show that these witches want to fly as high as the sky!

No. 5

Band: Sabaton
Album: The Great War

General Info:

Year of formation: 1999
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The Swedish troops came back with another fine album, using themes that remind the horrors of WWI. The anguish and fear of war tempered amazing moments as “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”, “The Attack of the Dead Men”, and “Fields of Verdun” will hook you tight to the band’s music!

No. 4

Band: Soilwork
Album: Verkligheten

General info:

Year of Formation: 1996
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The masters of Melodic Death Metal seems to be back in the genre once more, even gathering substantial influences of Modern Metal genres. But “Verkligheten” comes with new influences, as can be heard on “Arrival”, “Bleeder Despoiler”, “The Nurturing Glance”, and “Stålfågel” are battering rams to new ways for the band, and maybe for the entire genre.

No. 3

Band: Beast in Black
Album: From Hell With Love

General info:

Year of Formation: 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The second album from the Finnish Heavy Metal quintet is here to state that they deserve respect, and will take the band to a higher level. Songs as “Cry Out for a Hero”, “From Hell With Love”, “Repentless” and “True Believer” are statements that another great name is coming from Finland. Beware the BEAST IN BLACK!!!!

No. 2

Band: Fleshgod Apocalypse
Album: Veleno

General info:

Year of Formation: 2007
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

The Italian Baroque/Romantic Symphonic Death Metal masters unleashed their musical fury once more, tempering their brutality with an ample set of influences from Classical Music. It’s romantic, deeper, enchanting, but still brutal and aggressive to the point of ripping the ears of the listeners to pieces. “Fury”, “Carnivorous Lamb”, the amazing “Sugar” and “Absinthe” are true masterpieces, so let the Death Metal Opera begins!

No. 1

Band: Borknagar
Album: True North

General info:

Year of Formation: 1995
Label: Century Media

The band suffered some members’ changes, and some doubted about its potential. But “True North” wasn’t born not to be a “Quintessence” part II (as many thought due the vocals of Vortex), but as a step ahead of their latest albums. It’s deeper, emotional, Progressive, and full of different elements, but yet more accessible for those who never understood their musical core. “Thunderous”, “Up North”, “Wild Father’s Heart” and “Voices” are fine pieces of art made music.


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