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4 Fun Games for Metalheads

Added 16 May 2021, 5:58 PM

For most metalheads, the only thing that can hold a candle to metal is games that capture the spirit of metal. If you are a metalhead and a gamer, this article on top fun games for metalheads is for you.

Rock ‘N’ Racing
This battle-racing video game combines heavy metal and rock n’ roll to create a fun game. In this game, four players race against each other. Two of the players are AI-controlled while the other two are player-controlled. As a player, you have to go through each of the four laps without falling off a cliff or getting destroyed by your opponents. The reward for this is money which you can spend on an upgrade. The game features a selection of metal songs such as Black Sabbath’s Paranoid and Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild.

God of War
This is a very popular game, and if you are a metalhead and a gamer, you already know this game is for you. The series follows the Spartan warrior Kratos, as he embarks on a mission assigned to him by the God of War to regain redemption after he kills his wife and children. On his journey, he will end up killing enemies and gods using super cool weapons. This game series captures the element of metal. For a start, Kratos looks a lot like a heavy metal singer with his personality leaning towards rebellion. He rebels against the system and life, just like most metalheads. Also, the game series makes use of metal songs like Even Gods Cry by The Turtlenecks.

Guitar Hero: Metallica
What is more awesome than a game dedicated to one of the greatest metal bands of all times? Not much. Guitar Hero is a popular rhythm game that allows people to live out their rockstar dreams, and with the Metallica version of the game, you get to live out your dreams as a member of Metallica. How cool is that? In this game, you can opt for the lead and bass guitar, the drums and vocals. The game also includes a difficult level for drums which is based on the way Metallica’s Lars places the drums. The game features a total of 49 amazing songs, 28 by Metallica and 21 by other bands picked by members of Metallica. The game also includes videos of the band’s tours and concerts as well as pop-up facts about the different songs on the game. Whether you are a Metallica fan or just a metalhead who appreciates great music, you will totally love this game.

Online Roulette
This may not be the action packed video games you are used to but hopping on the online casino gaming wave and playing a roulette game or two is definitely fun. It is also absolutely metal because you are deviating from the norm of using physical casinos and using an online casino. Also, there is the added fun of making or losing money through bets. If you are looking for a slower yet exciting pace, you should try a roulette game.

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