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Empress Of Uses Her Music as Self-Defense

Added 15 December 2018, 2:28 PM

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪empress of artist‬‏
The electro-pop artist from Los-Angeles is known for her cut-to-the-point lyrics and most importantly for her 2nd album “US”.  Lorely Rodriguez is cheerful as she lounges in a Manhattan studio looking over at the Hudson River. She has every reason to be as cheerful and smiling as she is; Her second album Empress of, Us, is primed and polished and ready to meet its audiences.

Who is Lorely Rodriguez?
Lorely Rodriguez made her debut as “Empress of” in 2015 with her debut album “Me” The album was mostly an experimentation in electro-pop albeit a highly successful one. It was a self-acceptance training and was written, recorded and produced by the artist herself. The record follows a young woman between Mexico and US, while she tries the limits of her freedom. Along the way, she faces heartbreak, insecurity, failure and misogyny.

As she says, music is always the outlet of all the objectification she faces in real life. It's the voice for all the injustice she faces in real life. Be it catcalling or heartbreak or gender stereotyping, her music is the first line of defence and a voice against all social injustice.

While she was in New York as she produced “Me”, she moved to Los Angeles for future works. Before she started on “Us”, there were a few singles and collaborations with talented artists like Dev Hynes of Blood Orange, DJDS and Pional who is a Spanish Producer. The best thing is all of them appear in “Us” in some form or the other. Both her albums vary in the fact that “Me” is a solitary attempt while “Us” is a joint one.

Why the move to Los Angeles?
The main reason for the move to Los Angeles is her family. With the family in L.A, she gets to be with all things cultural like music and food from Latin America. Lorely Rodriguez also says the move is in part of her missing L.A.

How’s it like in L.A?
The video of her new single “When I’m With Him” features her community and the people who inspired her. Artists like Leather Papi, Roseli Martinez a DJ from Chulita Vinyl Club excited her so much that she had to have them in her video.

Childhood in California: How did it impact the video?
The video “When I’m With Him” is all her as she is the director and producer. She was also responsible for the visuals and everything related to the album. And the memories of long evenings at the patio and the quinceañera dresses did impact how the video was perceived.

Is “Trust Me Baby” very personal?
Indeed it is! And that is why part of the song is in Spanish! Feelings are better said in Spanish since that is what she grew up speaking. Translating it in English isn't reduces the effect. According to her, part of the song is in fact arguments and conversations in real life.

If not music, what else?
Being a part of everything related to her album, Lorely Rodriguez claims that she has found a new love for clothes. This has led to developing her tour outfits and finding her own definition of feminism in her outfits. Like some other people might resort to casino which are their all-time favourites for playing music themed games.
Edited 09 April 2020

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