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Essential Guitar Pedals Every Player Should Own

Added 07 September 2018, 11:45 PM

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Guitar pedals‬‏
Playing the guitar is a fun, serious and marvellously thrilling business. The guitar is an incredibly versatile and heavily user customisable instrument and the modifications that players can opt to carry out that will enable them to produce any sound they want is virtually limitless.

In search of the perfect sound, some players choose to modify their strings, pickup or amps. Others though devote themselves to their guitar pedals. Guitar pedals have been with us since the electric guitar was conceived, and players looking to make their guitars sound otherworldly would be advised in all sincerity to consider getting their hands on one.

To help, we at, have compiled a short list of the best guitar pedals that every guitar player should own and be very familiar with.

Here they are:

Overdrive Pedal: those guitarists playing their guitars with an amplifier plugged in can possibly overdrive their sounds. But they lack any reasonable capacity to amplify what’s coming through. With a specialist overdrive, pedal players can gain total control of the overdrive and decide just how much it influences their sound. Done properly overdriving can immensely improve any factory model guitar, by making it capable of producing warmer, cosy sounds.

Treble Booster Pedal: a treble booster as the name suggests boosts the treble of a guitar. This kind of booster is just the thing if your guitar is too bass-heavy or sounds more than a little dark. With such a pedal in place, your guitar has its sound evened out and can then realise its full potential.

Acoustic Simulator Pedal: an acoustic simulator pedal lets an electric guitar simulate an acoustic one with beguiling fidelity. This simulation can be done very quickly so that players can make switches at any time during a performance.

Reverb Pedal: the reverb effect is one of the earliest out there and was originally incorporated into iconic amps like Fender. The aim is to create a reverberating effect that pounds the senses twice over and add depth to sounds. A reverb pedal is an essential equipment, and should your sounds be lacking the extra bit of spark needed to make people sit up, then a reverb pedal might be just what you need.

Distortion Pedal: This is one of the most widely used pedals around and is most suitable for rock and metal guitarists who need to impress the hell out of their audiences at the max possible settings. Still, distortion pedals can be used by just about anyone with a guitar and can make a tone sound as angelic as a win at Bingo games.

Volume Pedal: A volume pedal as the name suggests lets players remotely control their sound level. It is one of the more common and basic out there, and apart from boosting the volume can be used to shape sounds into the image of the player. The performance of the volume pedal is, however, dependant on where exactly it is positioned relative to the other pedals being used by the player. Therefore, it would be advisable to do some experimenting to find out the position that works best for you. As well, volume pedals are best used for controlling volume levels and for tweaking tones and gains.
Edited 10 April 2020

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