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Full Lineup Announced For Giants Of Rock Festival 2019

Added 29 December 2018, 2:13 PM

תוצאת תמונה עבור ‪Giants Of Rock Festival 2019‬‏
Music fans all over the globe are in for a right royal treat early next year! And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the rumoured resurrection of Elvis Presley, the fresh sighting of Tupac in the Himalayas or the arrival of a celestial choir from the pearly gates!

Rather, the Giants of Rock, the UK’s most beloved, frenetic, mind-bending and soul-smashing hard rock/metal festival is scheduled to hold in January 2019, as from Friday the 25th to Monday the 28th. This music festival started aeons ago -in 2015 actually!- and features the best of the best from the hard rock universe.

During past festivals, the likes of Uriah Heep, and Hawkwind graced the festivities with their august presence and played ultra-fine music. For 2019, expectations are quite high that many more such august personages will deign to make an appearance and play music to liven up souls!

As the festivities next year marks the fifth birthday of the show, expectations are rife that it will reflect that momentous occasion. At present, Skid Row, the American hard-rockers have already been booked to play. These guys have been around in the music scene like forever since 1986.

FM is also expected to show up. This UK band has lately been making regular appearances in the UK albums and singles charts and can be expected to put play their hearts out.

Other confirmed shows include Roger Chapman Family and Friends, Sweet, Atomic Rooster, Brian Downey’s Alive and Dangerous and Cats in Space. These are of course all bands that are famous in more ways than one and will no doubt help make next year’s show one that will still be talked about for decades to come!

And oh, two more acts are also making an appearance. These are U.D.O and H.E.A.T. The latter will be flying in from Sweden, where they have crafted a devoted following with their brand of hard rock.

H.E.A.T actually consists of a merger of two bands known as Trading Fate and Dream. That fact however quickly becomes irrelevant, given that they mesh well together, have more talents than available on two continents and can play music that could get even Zeus grooving along!

U.D.O is a Germanic heavy metal band who got together in the 80s and have been playing since the time of Caesar Augustus- actually for more than three decades! These guys have released multiple studio albums that are good enough to persuade a statue to dance and have toured both solos and with such acts as Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Attending the festivities is a must for all music-loving fans and rather than asking Santa to buy you a ticket, better start saving up for one, pronto! And if you are a casino fan, you can play wise and try some casino games through pay by phone bill! Giants Of Rock is your chance to see some amazing live performances from brilliant headliners and supporting acts. This is your chance to see rock gods like Skid Row, Roger Chapman Family & Friends, FM, Sweet, Atomic Rooster and many more blasting their way through amazing sets.

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